Orange man bad and that’s all that matters

Looking out for women

If there ever was an important women’s issue that is worth championing on the behalf of women, it is the issue of men who claim to be women competing against biological females in sports.

One would think that this is an issue that would be easy for Americans to show solidarity. But when it comes to the left and the Democrat Party, nothing is a sure thing.

After all this is the same party that cannot find it in them to vote on a bill that protects the life of babies that survive an abortion.

No one should be surprised that this party that claims to hold the interests of women as a top priority is not on the side of women in the so called transgender debate.

Paying lip service on the issues is something that they have down to a science. This is the party of science after all isn’t it?

But hey, policies be damned.

Orange man bad!

Bernie and his love affair with tyrannical countries

Is there anyone who has observed that Bernie Sanders has often praised what he perceives to be good policy in despotic nations. He has spoken of Cuba and Fidel Castro’s so called literacy program. He has praised art and food lines in the Soviet Union. He has applauded The Venezuelan government, but Mr. Sanders never ever speaks fondly about the good America has done in the world.                                                                                              

But hey, orange man bad!                                                                                                                         

Castro and his great illieteracy program (according to Bernie Sanders)

Imagine you get kidnapped by a psycho neighbor. He has you in a cage in his dungeon. He tortures you, and abuses you sexually. He plays all kinds of sick psychological games with your mind, all in the even sicker effort to control you, but he is your neighbor. You did share some good times before you discovered that he is a psycho.

Because of your previous relationship, your psychotic neighbor knows that you like to read a good James Clancy novel. He knows that you enjoy Popeyes chicken and you love to work on cross word puzzles to keep your mind sharp. So he provides these things for you as a way to keep you occupied and control you.

Here you are trapped in his cellar with seemingly no way out. Everyday the nightmare grows worse, but it is particularly unnerving because you know that members of your family and friends are looking for you, and they are just a stones throw away, but there is nothing that you could do about it.

Now imagine that the police discover where you are and they break down the doors of your psycho former friend and they rescue you. You are relieved to be free again, and later on as you tell your story, one person keeps talking about how considerate the psycho was because he always made sure that you had Popeyes chicken, and provided you with the latest Tom Clancy Novels, plus he always ensured that you had crossword puzzles to solve, and keep your mind occupied.

After the person talks about your kidnapper’s kindness for the third time you’ve had enough. You shout, I was kidnapped, raped and tortured everyday for six months! What are you talking about?!?

Sure you are grateful for whatever positive situation you held on to and gave you hope in the midst of a bad situation. You are a positive person, but that in no way compensates for your loss of freedom, the abuse and the torture. Given a choice you would have given up Popeyes chicken, Tom Clancy Novels, and crossword puzzles to be free and with your family and friends.

Well ladies and gentlemen, this purely fictional saga is analogous to Bernie Sanders, Fidel Castro and the people of Cuba. Sanders loves to praise the murderous, socialist/communist thug Castro, who jailed, persecuted, tortured, and killed many of his people for decades.

Castro had a great literacy program though, and the people got free helt cyar. Bernie Sanders seems to think the literacy program and the free helt cyar is worth the price of socialism in Cuba.

All of that kidnapping, jailing, torturing, raping, religious persecution, and murdering is just a minor side effect of the system. Can’t we just acknowledge the good that the awful Castro did?

Thanks for giving us some perspective Bernie. Now, where is that Che Guevarra t-shirt

The sad truth of abortion and black America                                                                           

20 million black babies never got to even see the light of day, that’s twenty million, since Roe vs Wade.

Like so many issues that negatively affect black people, this is perhaps one of the most insidious issues pushed by Democrat politicians.

In the meantime, since the carnage of so many black babies in the womb, the black population has stagnated, as Planned Parenthood has flooded black neighborhoods with their clinics of death.

Black women, despite being such a small percent of women, account for about 35 percent of all abortions.

We know that controlling the growth of the black population was the original intent of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood. So far they have succeeded perhaps beyond their wildest dreams.

Today as the black population hovers around 14 percent, the population of illegal aliens has exploded, creating a demographic change that has greatly affected blacks in this country. The changes that are taking place have a particularly negative effect on black Americans.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with demographic shift that occurs naturally, but it appears that much of the displacement in the black community has occurred through abortion and illegal immigration.

Once again, as in the case with so many of the destructive policies that have been pushed in this country’s history, the Democrat Party is at the forefront, leading the charge.

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