Racial disparities in school disciplinary measures

There are serious racial disparities in disciplinary measures doled out to black and Hispanic students, and white and Asian students in schools across the country. Black and Hispanic students are 3—4 times more likely to be suspended than white and Asian students. So what do these figures mean? Is it that the system discriminates against black and Hispanic students? Of course Democrats say yes. Instead of investigating the issue to determine why there is such a large discrepancy between disciplining these groups, the Obama administration, led by the race baiting hustler Eric Holder concluded that the only reason for it was…wait for it…racism! So how did they respond to this? They initiated a policy urging more lenient forms of discipline for minority students, even for dangerous behavior. They claimed that leniency on bad behavior would benefit students because it would help them to avoid incarceration. Do you get that? It did not matter that black and Hispanic students were far more likely than white and Asian students to commit the kind of offenses that require school officials to summon the police,  suspend the students, or implement other disciplinary measures against them. The most important thing to Democrats is narrowing the gap, not reducing bad behavior.

Now obviously helping students to avoid the pitfalls of unsociable behavior should be a priority for educators, but when the focus moves to avoiding discipline in order to avoid the consequences of bad behavior, something is obviously wrong. These misguided policies always have a way of swinging around to bite everyone in their…um…posterior. That is what seems to be happening around the country and in New York. One Democrat senator in New York and a teamster President is complaining that the stupid Obama policy has led to a “lack of accountability for dangerous behavior.” Like so many dangerous Democrat, leftist policies that even people with the cranial capacity of a dodo bird could see, this one also was bound to have unintended consequences. The policy did manage to reduce the disparity in disciplinary measures between black and Hispanic students, and white and Asian students, but that came with a cost that many teachers, students, parents and others and not willing to pay. 

According to CBS news who spoke to NY State Senator Leroy Comrie “parents are taking their children to other schools even if they have to pay for private schools,” said Comrie. He went on to say “They don’t want to have their children in an environment where they’re assaulted and there’s no accountability.” Teamsters President Gregory Floyd, who represents school safety officers also spoke on the issue. “There’s chaos in our schools and it’s going to get worse,” he said. “The children know they can get away with everything.” The CBS report went on “Floyd says the softening of discipline began with a DeBlasio administration policy started several years ago that issued warning cards instead of criminal summonses.” Parents should be outraged,” Floyd said. “They should be horrified and outraged.” 

So once again what we have here is the soft bigotry of low expectations when it comes to the way white leftists treat black people. Instead of holding black people to the same standards as everyone else, white liberals hold them to a lower standard and think that they are doing blacks a favor. In their minds blacks can’t do better so they need white lefties to be their heroes. In the quest to assuage their white guilt, they institute all kinds of silly rules that only help to take black people backwards. This awful policy aimed at reducing incarceration rates does nothing to help black people. By telling them it is the system and not their own behavior that is responsible for the discrepancy in discipline that is meted out to black students, it means that black students will not see the need to address the real issue at hand. As bad behavior goes without repercussions because of this dreadful policy, it may in fact serve to help increase incarceration. Consequences be damed! The “good intentions” of white liberals and pandering Democrats are all that matter. As long as they get to feel good about themselves, it does not matter that blacks and Hispanics are the ones who will reap those negative consequences.

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