The radical left and the LGBT agenda

Former Vice President Joe Biden called the current Vice President of the United States a decent man. Who told old Joseph to do that? He did not clear it with the SJW wing of the Democrat Party. The SJW mob led by the actress Cynthia Nixon swarmed in with a swiftness to let Pence know that the evil VP is “anti-LGBT.” Joe, being the tower of strength and courage that he is quickly gave in to the mob and corrected himself. He let it be known that there is nothing decent about being “anti-LGBT.” He is so brave! Kudos to Joey, he sure let VP Pence know the error of his ways. Not even the VP of the United States is beyond rebuke. This is the current state of Politics in America. Agree with the left and their radical agenda or feel their wrath. Up until a half hour ago throughout all of human history, marriage has been recognized as between a man and a woman, genders have been recognized as separate and distinct. In today’s America though, if you hold to these traditional views, you are considered a hater. It does not matter that you may hold no malice, ill-will or any bad feelings toward people who believe different. Every one must agree that it is a good thing for men to marry men, women to marry women, and that the lines between genders could be erased. It is to the point that people live in fear of voicing their opinion on these issues because they stand to lose friends, acquaintances, jobs, careers and suffer other consequences for the “wrong” viewpoint. This is the country that we now live in. It matters not how people live their lives or if one treats everyone with dignity and respect. All of the goodwill that one has accumulated through an exemplary life lived can be lost at the snap of a finger, if one does not hold to the value that men having sex with men, or women having sex with women is a great thing. If an individual maintains a strong conviction that marriage is between a man and a woman, and does not wish to be a part of the event, that person is now painted as a reprobate. If one holds the strong conviction that a man is a man, a woman is a woman, and that a persons gender is determined by his or her chromosomes, sexual organs and other factors, one can become ostracized in certain circles. They do not believe that it is possible to love people but disagree with their life style at the same time. That is where we currently are because people have become so afraid of the mob. This is the left and the Democrat Party in 2018: conform to their ways or pay the consequences.

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