Bernie Sanders and his immoral politics

The policies of Bernie Sanders are not just bad economics, but they are outright immoral, because they cater to the very worst of human nature. It is policy that is based on looking at what others have and thinking that you also deserve to have it, not based on anything that you have done, but just that you are deserve it for being alive. 

No one has the right to the fruits of another man’s labor. It does not matter how much a person has, if that individual gained what he has through his or her own effort; no one has a right to it. Charity is not forced by the powerful hand of Government, charity is supposed to be a voluntary action on the part of the charitable. How did Americans get to a place where they latch on to the destructive ideology of a man who thinks that the road to prosperity is by taking from those who have, and giving it to those who do not have. That is not the role of any one individual or group of people. Bernie Sander politics is based on class warfare, stirring up jealousy, and directing animosity toward the rich. Why in heaven’s name would anybody be attracted to that? How does any one individual get the right to tell anyone that another person has too much money? If a man gains his riches through the strength of his own ideas, his own effort, and assuming risk, then why is it anyone’s business how much money he makes. Can we trust anyone who projects him/herself as the savior of the people, promising to make everything right by distributing the wealth of others? Do we really trust that these people would not use their power to confiscate the wealth of others to stay in power by pandering to the masses, and doing whatever it takes to attain, and stay in power? Where does it end? If the government can decide that one person has too much money, can they also decide that a family of three should not have four cars because they don’t need them all? Should the Government then be able to seize one of those cars and give it to a family of four that does not have a car? Exactly what are the limits that of the Government when it comes to taking people’s stuff? 

In a world where a person is simply given antohter person’s stuff, what would be the incentive to excel, to be innovative, to dig deep into ones self to unearth one’s God give talent if the Government is there to make everything all right? The politics of Bernie Sanders is downright the immoral. There is no reason for it in a free society. What gives Bernie Sanders the right to decide that some people have to much money? It is not his money! He did not earn it. Americans do not need any reason to reject Bernie Sanders politics other than that it is immoral. Bernie Sanders constantly talks derisively of “those millionaires and billionaires,” but the crazy irony in all of this is that he himself is a millionaire who owns three homes.  He earns almost 240,000 dollars a year, with perks and benefits that add up to over a million dollars every year. That is several times more than the average American earns and even more than those in the lower income bracket. In addition to all of this, he has other investments, the value of which puts him squarly into the one percent that he is always railing against. What gives him the right to his money? It is amazing to watch as this man attracts so many Americans with an ideology that has failed every single place that it has ever been tried. There is no success story based on socialism. On the contrary it has left a trail of misery, death, and destruction across the world every place it has been tried. People seriously need to educate themselves on what socialism is. 

There is no magic formula that gets rid of  income inequality. It is impossible to achieve any kind of equality because people have different gifts, talents, abilities, drive, and application. There is a reason that the brain surgeon makes more than the janitor. It is not that the janitor’s job is of no value, but because it does not require a lot of skill almost anyone can do it. Because of that, janitors are replaceable. The competition is high. Brain surgeons have to literally spend many years to perfect their craft and attain their skills. There are not too many brain surgeons arount. They are not easily replacebale, and as a result people are willing to pay much more to a brain surgeon as opposed to a janitor. There are not too many brain surgeons competing for the same job. Both the janitor and the brain surgeon have important roles to play, but both jobs do not have the same value. The promise of income equality is a big fat empty lie. Some will always do better than others, because that is simply the way that life is. It is up to communities, families, friends, acquaintances, and philantropists to help take care of those in need, not the heavy hand of those who designate themselves as saviors. Power in the hands of a few who can just force their will on others is a dangerous thing and it will be no different in the United States if full fledged Socialism comes here. 

Bernie Sanders is saying to us that we should ignore the hundreds of millions who have died in the wake of this destructive ideology. Pay no attention to Venezuela, ignore Cuba, and the rest of Latin America where these ideas continue to fail and inevitably leads to Government oppressing its people. Bernie is telling us that in the light of all this evidence, he is the one who will get it right. Trust him!

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