Support for Trump Continues

Trump haters, know this. It is you who gave us President Donald Trump. You are responsible! Sure, you may not have voted for him, but you helped propel him to victory with your insults, personal attacks and character assassination of so many decent people who have run for office in the past. Your eagerness to label anyone who does not conform to your leftist, socialist,  politically correct nonsensical agenda became too suffocating, and the people who voted for Trump did it because he ignored your self righteous pomposity. They saw that your insults bounced off his back as he continued about his business. They noticed that your go to card, also called the race card was beaten every time you played it, because he just did not care. They observed that he had no interest in playing to your narrative, and he fought back as hard as you tried to destroy him. When the people saw that Trump refused to go into the foetal position, and stick his thumb in his mouth, but instead fight back, it suggested to them that this just might be their guy. 

Don’t get it twisted, many of Trump’s supporters acknowledge that he is indeed a boor. They do not deny for one minute that he is often petty, narcissistic and just plain immature. The guy can be pretty crude, and behave in a manner that at times is definitely socially unacceptable. You know what they also see? They see the way that you have destroyed the lives of so many decent people in the past with your shenanigans. They see how you have ended careers and succeeded in making so many people who have led exemplary lives, as rotten outcasts and they decided that this time they will go with the fighter. 

Mitt Romney, despite his recent mischief making, is one of the cleanest, upstanding, and qualified characters to have ever run for office, but you succeeded in tarnishing the man’s image by labeling him a hater of women, a racist, a man who hates the poor, and does not care about the sick and down trodden. His impeccable past did not matter to you. The fact that he gave away his inheritance, and has a record of treating people with kindness never mattered to you. What mattered more to you was destroying him personally as he dared to run against god. His gentlemanly personality did not mean a thing to you. Oh yes Trump haters, the people know what a nice guy Mitt Romney is. Boy Scout, but it hardly mattered to you! They saw how you treated Sarah Palin. All of your feminist advocacy immediately went out the window when it came to a conservative woman, and anything became acceptable in the effort to take her out. One news anchor on MSNBC even publicly declared on his nightly news program that she should be held down, her mouth forced open while another person defecates in it, but that never caused the lovers of women on the left to be outraged. So do not be surprised Trump haters by the love that Donald Trump receives from the people who support him, despite his own flawed character. They remember how you always fawned over John Mc Cain, and his tendency to oppose his own political party from time to time, but the moment he became the candidate to run against god, he immediately was personally attacked, his character was called into question, and he too was labeled a rabid, raging racist. John Mc Cain’s character did not matter to you despite the life that he led. 

So when Trump supporters see you frothing at the mouth, and constantly enraged because of how uncouth he is, they get it, because they would prefer if he was a bit more polished and smooth around the edges, but they also realize that no other candidate would have made a difference to you. That person too, would have been labeled as either a racist, a sexist, a misogynist, a xenophobe, a homophobe, or a bigoted Islamophobic pig. That person would not have fought back, but would have certainly spent the time trying to show that he/she is none of those things, then you would say that the fact the individual is trying so hard proves that he/she really is a bigot. “Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.” So forgive these deplorables for deciding to go with the guy who they believed would do the things he said he would, and sticking with him through all of your efforts to destroy him. They care more about what he does than what he says. They continue to support him because they support his agenda, and because of his willingness to fight. They know very well that it would not have made one bit of a difference, no matter who it was.  As Auntie Maxine already said, if she’s successful going after Trump, “Pence is next.” Please excuse the Trump supporters who continue to not care the slightest bit about what you say or think.

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