The False Equivalency Comparing the Treatment of Trump to Obama

Well, it’s a new year and all indicators suggest that it is going to be another year of insanity. Trump haters should be honest and just admit that they are incapable of looking at him as a human being. Just go ahead and get it out their system, shout it from the mountain top that you hate, hate, hate Donald Trump. Another thing while at it, please stop with the lame false equivalency that Barrack Obama “was treated the same way.” Sure every President gets criticized. People say nasty things and sometimes it is downright hateful. That is the nature of the business, and President Obama did experience it, but the idea that he “was treated the same wayIs” is ludicrous.

 Did 67 Senators boycott Obama’s election. Did any legendary civil rights congressman call Obama “not a legitimate President and refuse to attend the inauguration also? Were there riots because Obama won the election? Please…where was the blowback when Congressman Tulsi Gabbard tweeted out that Trump is a bitch just a few weeks ago. Who in the Bush administration called on the Military to overthrow Mr. Obama. Sure Congressman Joe Wilson shouted “you lie” at Obama during an Obama speech, but what happened to him right after that incident? The House reprimanded him, Paul Ryan, John Mc Cain, talk radio, even Fox News, and other leaders in his own party disavowed his behavior. The media denounced him, he was repeatedly called a racist and he apologized over and over and over again.  

Folks, seriously…stop it! Go ahead and hate Trump if you wish, but stop with the silly false equivalency, unless you can recall any artist telling Obama to shut his mouth before he pimps Michelle, without any blowback from the media or anyone on the left. If you think that the Democrat Party leading a chant of f*** Donald Trump while the media, academia, Hollywood and the left in general stays silent is comparable to Joe Wilson saying “you lie” then go ahead and do that if you please. If you think Maxine Waters calling cabinet members scumbags is comparable to anything that happened during the reign of the great one, go ahead. If you can point to one week during the eight years when god was the President that ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, The New York Times, The Washington Post, AP, Reuters, Yahoo News, NPR and others in the media railed against Obama in 92 percent of their coverage of him, every…single…day, then you may have a point that Obama “was treated the same way.” 

It is easy to keep going because the story has been the same every day for two years. Who called for the harassment of Obama supporters, and cabinet members at restaurants, and gas stations and movie theaters simply because they did not like Obama. It is unbelievable that people are so driven by hatred of Trump that they can look at what is going on and not be bothered by it because supposedly “Obama was treated the same way.” No, he was not! 

The State fair of Wisconsin changed policy and mandated that everyone participating in the fair in the future must receive sensitivity training, because a rodeo clown wore an Obama mask, even though the poor guy had also worn a Bush and a Clinton mask in the past. His life was ruined nevertheless. CNN treated the issue like it was a national crisis and covered the story of the “racist” rodeo clown for over a week. So again, please stop with the false equivalency. Joe Wilson, and people like Ted Nugent ,who told Obama to “suck on my machine gun” were aberrations during the reign of the great one. With Trump it is the norm. On a side note, Nugent never threatened the President. In any case, the response to this kind of behavior was always the same. The media rightly called them out, and everyone accepted that their behavior was not acceptable.  Wilson is probably still apologizing today and Nugent has since renounced his past behavior. 

These are some other points that people keep bringing up all the time to show that Obama “was treated the same way”: 

Mitch McConnell said that it was his duty to make Obama a one term President: so what! The parties differ on policy and each side wants to be in control of the Presidency so they can advance their agenda. Newt Gingrich wanted to make Clinton a one term President, Tip Oneil wanted to make Ronald Reagan a one term President, Nancy Pelosi wanted to make George Bush a one term President…nothing to see here folks, go on bout yuh business.

Pat Robertson talked about Michelle wearing a dress saying how bad it was for her to have her arms exposed, but was full of praise for a naked picture of Melania Trump: This is the perfect example of fake news in the leftist echo chamber. Pat Robertson never said anything about any such picture of Melania Trump. If he did, it would be hypocritical indeed? But Seriously! Anyone wants to compare that to the video that T.I made simulating a naked Melania Trump stripping on a table for him? Come on folks, get real please.

Sean Hannity said that “Obama is not my President.” Yes, he did. He shouldn’t have said it, but it was a one time thing. Hannity  generally does not engage in this behavior, and he himself always called people out when they were not respectful to Obama. But, as noted earlier; no President is immune from unfair treatment. Is there anyone who want’s to campare that to Robert Dinero shouting f*** Donald Trump in front of his celebrity peers to resounding applause at an awards show, while the media refused to hold him to the same standard of Obama critics?campare

Rush Limbaugh made fun of Michelle after she made a speech at a school. Oh…K…what about it, what is the point…and? People make fun of those in the public arena all the time, especially when pointing out hypocrisy. That’s politics!

Dinesh D’Souza tweeted saying “Obama is a grown up Trayvon in the White House, and a West Virginia State worker called Michelle “an ape in heels?” Again, what was the response to this? How did the media react? How many denunciations were there? The West Virginia woman caused what one news outlet described as a “national uproar,” plus she was fired. On the other hand what was the response to Bill Maher, and Wanda Sykes calling Trump an orangutan or Anna Navarro saying “he is an animal. Apologies to animals.” How about when the President went up on the capitol and he was booed by the Hispanic caucus, or when a Democrat intern shouted Mr. President f***, you, or when he was booed during his SOTU speech, or when Stephen Colbert said Mr. President your mouth is only good to be used as Vladimir Putin’s c*** holster. Are we really comparing what has been going on with Trump for the last couple of years to the eight years of Obama? 

The birther issue deserves a column by itself, suffice to say for now that the same people who had no problem with Spike Lee and others a saying that George Bush blew up the levies in Louisiana to kill black people, and that he went to Iraq to avenge his father, and called him Bull Connor, are the very ones who are so offended because some kooks on the right ran away with a stupid, nutty conspiracy theory that had a life of its own in the Democrat Party when Hillary Clinton was running against Obama and even prior to that. They have no problem accusing Trump of “Russia collusion” based on nothing, but a suspicion that he may have done something nefarious, but they continue to clutch their pearls because Trump played into the stupid birther issue. Yeah, Obama “was treated the same” all right. Go figure, and gimme a break while at it! 

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