Socialism Wins Everytime!

In the world of every Socialist die hard and loyalist, no one would have a story of overcoming difficulty to tell, because the government will always be right there to jump in to the rescue and make everything alright. No one would be able to give any examples of how hard work in the face of difficulty pays off, how fighting to overcome unfavorable circumstances builds character, or how fighting obstacles can lead to innovation. You see, in the mind of like the esteemed Congress woman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez; no one should ever have to go through difficulties in life. So, for example; if you are a college student working two jobs to help you make it through school, and you have periods when you could only afford to eat ramen soup, that is not considered as paying your dues, and helpig you to deal with the tough issues that life sometimes throws in your way. In the world of people like the esteemed congresswoman, that is the result of an unfair system that is designed to only benefit the rich, and take advantage of the less fortunate. You see, for socialists, in life, when bad things happen it is always someone else’s fault. They never happen because sometimes that is just the way life is, or that people may learn to be responsible, frugal, discreet, productive or any of the reasons that we have traditionally been taught.  

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her ilk will have none of that. In their utopian world, no one should has problems because uncle government is always right there take them all away. People do not need to invest in their own future by making sacrifices, delaying self gratification, spending their own money, or just learning to to improve their own lives on things like education, health care, housing and other life neccessities. The philosophy of Ms. Cortez is that no one should ever know what it is to be broke or struggle to meet their monthly obligations. 

Are you having problems paying your rent? That is just unfair. Got no money to fill your tank up with gas? No one should ever have to experience that. No money in the bank to get you out of an jam or emergency? That should never, ever have to happen to anyone because in the socialist world of Alexandria Cortez her other comrades, bad things simply should not happen to people. She wil ensure that people never have to go thorough any of these life challenges ever again. Free health care for all, free college education, free housing. Whatever you need,  whatever ails you Alexandria Ocasio Cortez will fix it for you. She will see that the rich provides it for you, because everyone knows that taking from the rich to give to give to the poor is the one sure way to grow an economy right? That’s how the rich got to be rich in the first place isn’t it? Somebody gave them their riches. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Forbes, Mark Zuckerg, Jack Dorsey and all of these millionsires and billionairs as Bernie Sanders so derisively likes to talk about them; they all got to be rich by stealing from the poor, not on the strength of their ideas, nor the goods and services they provide. And besides they never went through difficulties getting to where they are. 

Mark Zuckerber just woke up one monning, came up with facebook, presented it to the world the next day, then he got rich. Steve Jobs did the same with Apple, and Bill Gates never had to deal with any obstacles coming up with Microsoft. Those oil barons never had to take risks, work hard, experience sleepless nights or wonder how they would meet their obligations. They all just woke up one day and voila they were all veryrich, therefore it is no big thing for the Governmentto to come in and just take the fruits of their labor, distribute it as the government sees fit to eliminate the problems and the struggles of the less fortunate. Those rich people did not earn it. 

We know that when life is not easy for everyone, and there are major obstacles to overcome, that is what brings out the spirit of innovation  in people, and human beings are at their absolute best. So lets all cheer for Alexander Ocasio Cortez, Bernie Sander, and all of the other Socialists in the Democrat Party. We know that everywhere their policies have been tried in the past, they have been successful to the core. Who needs to teach men to fish when you can simply take fish from the rich and give them to all those in need? What a remedy for success! Life will never ever be difficult again for anyone. No one will have to struggle, no one will ever be poor again. The rich are about to get their comeuppance because Alexander Ocasio Cortez wants to take 70 percent of what they have rightfully earned through their own efforts, and the sweat of their own brow, and she wants to give it to those who are more deserving. Hopefully her redistribution efforts will include taking from people like her fellow socialist Bernie Sanders and others in the Democrat Party who have gotten supremely rich off the teat of government. After all Bernie does not need those three houses that he owns. Take at least one and give it to a family that needs it more than he does. Here is to the success of socialism everyone. 

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