The Racism Wolf

Is it possible for a white person to be a jerk to a black person without the white person being a racist? Is it just a handful of people who are just so sick and tired of the constant appeal to race in this country, where every single offensive thing that a white person does towards a black person is immediately chalked down to racism? This is ridiculous! No matter what the offence is, no matter the circumstances under which it happens, the cry is immediately RACISM, then the mission to defame people’s character and destroy their good name immediately begins. Sometimes an offence may legitimately be racially tinged, but it does not automatically make the person a racist. People sometimes say things to cause pain because they feel hurt by something someone may have said or done. Human beings are flawed. They lie, they cheat, they steal, they kill and they commit all different egregious acts for many different reasons. Human beings are imperfect, but the way that they live their lives is important. They should be judged on that basis and not labeled as racists simply because of imagined prejudice, or even an offbeat racially tinged statement or act.   

Observe that the charge of racism always goes in one direction. It is always a white person being racist towards some black victim. On the other hand, people make excuses when the offenses are committed against a white person, because target of the offense is the “wrong” color. They tell us that it is impossible for black people to be racist towards white people, or that the offense or crime “was not racially motivated.” We have examples of people making some of the most awful statements on a daily basis about white people, every single day in the media, and these statements are considered as insightful, as edgy or “speaking truth to power.” whimper There is a large segment of the population who are actually ok with the constant race baiting, and appeal to identity politics, and they literally get angry at the people who highlight the damaging nature of this behavior. They are invested in the idea that America is a racist society toward black people, and they will stop at nothing to “prove” that this narrative is true. People who have lived exemplary lives can have all of the goodwill that they have accumulated over their lifetime disappear for the slightest word slip, inappropriate comment, or moment of frustration. Now, for the umpteenth time, no one is saying that racism does not exist. Of course it does. It would be foolish to think that in a country of almost 350 million people of so many different races, ethnic groups, religions and various other backgrounds that racism does not exist. But in the big picture, race is not the big issue that people make it out to be. It is a political football that that has been weaponized and magnified by the media to advance an agenda.  Of course there are people who have had really terrible experiences that can be attributed directly to racism. In those instances society has to be honest, acknowledge the issue at hand, confront it aggressively, and put systems in place to make improvements where necessary, then keep moving forward.

 Someone needs to explain why it is that when it comes to the issue of racism, so many Americans expect perfection. They absolutely refuse to treat racism like they treat the other problems that exist in a society of imperfect people.  They jump for joy whenever something happens that they can attribute to racism. That way they can triumphantly say “see I told you so.” They then go on to gleefully paint “the system,” and a whole group of people as racists because of an action that they either interpret to be racist or from time to time may really be a legitimate case of racism. In this environment, it seems that people believe that the only reason anything bad ever happens to black people is because of racism. It does not matter how much the evidence in the everyday lives of black people contradict the narrative that black people are under siege, those invested in the idea that it is true will never accept it. They are happy to run and provide isolated incidents and other anecdotal “evidence” that “proves” their case. These people do not care that their constant appeal to race drives a wedge between Americans. In the case of white liberals, they get to present themselves as honest. They expect points, and they expect to win favor from black people for “acknowledging their privilege,” and “speaking truth to power.” In the meanwhile, spurred on by their white liberal Democrat enablers, too many black people latch on to the victim mentality. It is time to expose this racket for what it is, and for people to stop being scared about speaking out against it. It does not matter if people call you insensitive, privileged, uncaring, sell out, coon uncle Tom, house nig*** or any of the names that the people who are invested in keeping the divide going may call you. More people need to speak out because when the real wolf shows up, no one will believe it.

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