Trump Hatred on a Different Level

This hatred of President Donald Trump is psychotic. It is crazy that so many people think that it is ok to harbor so much hatred toward this man. Nobody is saying that anyone has to agree with President Trump’s politics or that it is wrong to criticize his brash personality. This is America. People are free to support whomever they wish and to speak out against anything they do not like, but the viciousness of the attacks on this President is absolutely startling. People should ask themselves, if using the same standard that they use to judge President Trump, would they use that same standard if Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama was in power. What would have happened if Hillary Clinton had won the election and soon after winning, Donald Trump had declared himself as the resistance? The resistance…think about that! What if after winning the election in 2008, the very next day, before Barrack Obama was even sworn in, people were protesting his victory in the streets, violently pulling people who voted for him out of cars, protesting on campuses, blocking traffic on the streets, and celebrities everywhere calling him the most vile names that one could think of? Is the hatred for the President so strong that people are happy to continue behaving so irrationally? 

The media continues their effort to sabotage his Presidency and they do not even care that they have been exposed as the partisans that they are. People have literally lost their capacity to be reasonable, for no other reason than Donal Trump is the President. Watching the madness every single day since he has been elected is hard to comprehend. It is not that President Trump is immune from criticism. There are legitimate reasons to criticize him, but my gosh, what we are witnessing on a daily basis is just beyond the pale. What also makes this madness so unbelievable is that, the same people who who fret so much about Trump’s boorishness are the ones who lecture the rest of the country about hate, bigotry and incivility. A couple of days ago Mika Brzinski on her program referred to one of President Trump’s cabinet members as a “butt boy.” People commonly refer to the President of the United States as an orangutan and excuse it by saying it is not racist because he is white. Celebrities everywhere belt out the refrain f*** Donald Trump on a regular basis. Understand. These are not internet trolls, these are high profile personalities. Comedians have made jokes about the President and his daughter committing incest. One actor talked about Barron Trump getting sexually molested as payback for blocking children at the border, a young rapper told the President to “shut up before I pimp Melania.” And on an on it goes none stop every single day. Just because people hate the President and he comes across as not a nice guy people are ok with this behavior. 

Has the basic sense of decency gone out of the window simply because people do not like the President? Are people really ok with this irrational behavior toward the President? Do people understand that the disappointment that they feel over the election of Donald Trump was felt just as strong by the people who were unhappy over the election of Barrack Obama. Again, what would the response be if people behaved this way toward President Obama simply because those who did not vote for him did not like him? The cries of racism would be none stop, in fact; the cries of racism were none stop even though people did not behave this way toward President Obama. This does not mean that no one behaved inappropriately toward President Obama. Sure there were some who took it a bit far in their opposition to Obama. Every President experiences that, but what we are seeing here is just on a whole different level…and people think that this is ok. They excuse it by citing Trump tweets, or their private interpretation of something that he said, because he called Senator Warren Pocahontas, or because he called Omarasa a dog. Often Trump is responding to personal attacks. It is fair to say that he should be above the fray and behave more Presidential, but does that mean that it is ok for Stephen Colbert to go on TV and say that the only thing Trump’s mouth is good for is to be Vladimir Putin’s c*** holster or for Kathy Griffin to mock behead him, for former Obama administration members to call for a military coup, for a democrat Senator to call him a bi***, for a Democrat Party leader to lead a crowd in a chant of f*** Donald Trump, or for celebrities to threaten to beat the man with a baseball bat? And it never stops. Are we really ok with this? Does that mean that the constant name calling, insults, and attempts to sabotage his Presidency and defame the man is legitimate? People have lost their capacity to think because they dislike Donald Trump and it is a shame? No one has to agree with Donald Trump, but we are better than this.

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