The Russia Collusion Ruse Continues

Opposition to a sitting President is nothing new. It’s politics, the way the game is played. Republicans famously said that they wanted Obama to be a one term President. Based on their policy and ideological differences that was a legitimate position to take, and they opposed him fervently. There is absolutely nothing wrong with vigorously opposing the President based on these differences. It is all part of the political process.  What we are seeing with President Trump however is something that we have never, ever witnessed before in the history of this country. Every single day on all of the networks (except Fox News), we literally get a never ending flow of negative coverage on this President. It is all bad, all the time! In addition, the losing party has decided that they cannot let the will of the people stand, and they have embarked on the effort to engage in a soft coup to topple the President. The media has allied itself as a willing accomplice in the effort get rid of Trump as they ratchet up the hysteria on a daily basis. It is incredible to watch as celebrities, academics, the media, athletes and other prominent personalities across the cultural landscape direct their hatred at the President, and think that their behavior is justified because they do not like the result of the election from two years ago. 

Democrats have now decided that it is a criminal offense to engage in none disclosure agreements. As the Mueller investigation into so called Russian collusion continues to fall apart, the Democrats are now grasping at straws in their effort to get President Trump. The hatred that they have for this man knows no bounds and they are showing that they will stop at nothing in their ongoing effort to delegitimize his Presidency. At every turn, the investigation has failed to produce a single iota of evidence that Trump colluded with anyone, let alone the Russians. The investigation itself was not launched based on any evidence that a crime was committed, or anything that Trump did, but was based strictly on the effort to find anything…something…that could link Trump to unlawful connections to the Russians. The effort to taint Trump has been relentless, despite it though; Robert Mueller has produced nothing. This has not stopped the constant drumbeat of collusion talk coming from the media, pundits, talking heads and Democrat party politicians. Talk of collusion continues unabated in the hope that constantly repeating it would get it to stick. Now, after two years of the unyielding effort to get Trump on Russian collusion, they are now saying that none disclosure agreements between the President, and two women broke campaign finance laws. Pushing the idea that none disclosure agreements are now illegal is an act of desperation by the Democrats and should cause even none supporters of Trump to worry. 

If the President of the United States can be targeted in this manner, then no citizen is safe from the vengeful hand of powerful Government officials determined to destroy anyone in their path. It does not matter how much one despises Trump, this kind of politics is dangerous and people should be wary of it. Just take out the name Trump and replace it with Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton for one moment. Using the same standard that is being used to go after Trump on this Russian collusion ruse, and now campaign finance violation accusation; would the reaction be the same if it was used to go after any of these sacred Democrat icons?  People need to put aside their abject, unadulterated hatred of Donald Trump and stand against this abusive nonsense. Go ahead and oppose the President if you disagree with him politically, or philosophically. That is everyone’s right, but working to undermine and sabotage the legitimately elected President of the United States is a truly egregious act. 

Rest assured ladies and gentlemen, regardless of how anyone tries to frame it, there is absolutely nothing…nothing that even suggests that President Trump worked with the Russians or anyone to work against Hillary Clinton in the Presidential elections. The investigation was not based on any evidence that he did, and since it was launched not one piece of evidence has been found that shows he did. Essentially, what happened is that the Russians did what they always do when they tried to cause problems in our elections. The Trump haters decided that Trump must be involved, then they launched an investigation to prove that he was. That’s it! With all of the leaks to the media that have occurred since this man has been elected, if these people had anything on President Trump to show that he colluded with the Russians, do not doubt for one minute that someone would have leaked it to the press. This has not happened to date. Pay attention to the details not the hysteria.

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