Tulsi Gabbard Calls the President a Bit**

Let’s give a big cheer to civility! The other day, Tulsi Gabbard sent out the following tweet “hey @realdonaldtrump: being Saudi Arabia’s bit** is not “America First. What is wrong with these people? Folks, understand that this is a United States congresswoman addressing the President of the United States as a bit** because she disagreees with him on policy. Now there is a legitimate questions that one could raise about President Trumps decision to not take further action against Saudi Arabia for the killing of the Washington Post journalist Jamal Kashoggi, but it is not as simple a case as many people are making it out to be. There are solid arguments to make on both sides as to what the appropriate measures are in response to the killing. Those in disagreement with the President’s decision should use the tools available to them to make their case and let their ideas triumph or die in the arena of ideas. Instead what we have is a congresswoman sending out tweets calling the President of the United States a bitch. What do you suppose the response would be if some conservative politician, celebrity, or commentator referred to the President Obama as a bit**? The cries of racism would be loud and non stop. No one called him a bit*** when he refused to offer strong support to the Iranian people who rose up in protest on the streets of Teheran over their elections results. The Iranian regime responded with a heavy hand and protesters were killed on the streets. Many GOP congressmen opposed President Obamas Iran nuclear deal. Just like the response to Trump’s decision on Saudi Arabia, a lot of them felt Obama’s deal with Iran was weak and not in America’s best interest, but no one called President Obama Iran’s bi***  

The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds, and the response to this tweet by Tulsi Gabbard is exhibit number one million, that as long as you are a Democrat or on the left in general, there is no limit to what you are allowed to say or do. This is amzing to behold. This is how these people have been behaving since this man became the President. It has been non stop day in and day out simply because they are dissatisfied with the election results. We have so many examples of this type of behavior, yet all we ever hear is how uncivil Donal Trump is.

If there is anyone who is still wondering why Trump’s supporters are so loyal, then this should tell that person why. When people see the way that this man has been treated, and the blatant double standard that has been applied to him, they refuse to abandon him. It is absolutly unbelievable the lack of self awareness that exists in the Democrat Party, the media and the left in general. These are the people who present themselves as the paragons of virtue. These are the people who would lecture the people of this country who support the President’s policies. These are the people who act superior to average Americans, They think that people are too stupid to notice the disdain that they have for them. Tulsi Gabbard is a timely reminder that being on the left (as Dennis Prager loves to say) means never having to say that you are sorry, or in the event that she does say it; all will be forgiven and forgotten. To the leff, and many Democrats around the  country this will not mean a thing as they selfrighteously thumb their noses at the President and his supporters. It is ok though, as long as they continue to behave in this deranged manner, they also lay themselves bare for the whole country to see. Let them continue with this crazy, unhinged, hateful intolerance. The more that they do, the more that the President’s supporters will continue to support him, flaws, warts and all. 

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