Politics and Chaos at the Border

Illegal aliens are using their children as human shields and the left, the media and the Democrat Party is ecstatic about it because it gives them an opportunity to bash President Trump and make him look bad. This is some truly sick stuff! These people trying to cross the border illegally are deliberately putting their children in harms way in a game of poker, daring border agents to use the necessary force to stop them from entering the country illegally. The illegal aliens are using their children as human shields! They are trying to cross the border illegally and hoping that agents  who have a responsibility to protect the nation’s borders will not do their jobs as they try to storm across the border using their children as shields. They are putting their children in harm’s way in the hopes that if the border agents do respond, the images created by the response to their illegal activities would create an emotional backlash that would force the hand of the Trump administration. Where is the outrage at the parents using their children in this manner? This is absolutely incredible to watch.

The caravan is made up of mostly men, some of whom have been violent as they attempted to breach the border security, attacking border agents with rocks in the process. The American public was told for weeks that it is mostly women and children looking for a better life, but as we have learned time and time again; the legacy media cannot be trusted. The women and children that are part of the caravan are being used as pawns in this dangerous game. As many of the people tried to storm the border, agents responded by using tear gas on them. It was the right response. They had the choice of using tear gas or other force in confronting the horde as they tried to cross illegally.

It is sad that children are getting mixed up in this, and no one who has a heart can look at the situation and feel any gratification seeing children caught up in the mess created by the people who brought them along, but every country has the right to protect its borders. Every country has the right to put systems in place to control who it allows in it, and the process that must be followed by those who desire to migrate. Laws do not become irrelevant because people are going through a difficult time. The country now has over 22 Million illegal aliens living in the United States, and it is not xenophobic to ask that people wishing to come here follow the country’s laws. Of course, in trying to solve the problem their needs to also be a humane response, but people are not entitled to American citizenship or residence.

One of the factors that is being overlooked by the media is the international law regarding refugees. Economics are not a valid reason to claim refugee status. People must be fleeing religious, political or other persecution in order to claim refugee status. In addition, refugees do not have the right to choose the country in which they seek asylum. After fleeing the country of persecution, they must seek refuge in the first country that can offers them the protections that they seek. In this case, that country is Mexico. These are the international laws. The Mexican government has offered them refugee status, offered them jobs and made other offers to them, but they have turned down all of these offers because their desire is to get to the United States.

More than anything, this is the middle finger to Donald Trump by the people who have helped to organize this bombardment of illegals at the border. This is sinister, especially when one considers the plight of the children caught in the middle of it.  The Democrats have no interest in solving this problem because they get to use it as a political football to score political points against President Trump. One has to only look at the comments at the self righteous Kamala Harris who talked about ICE agents being perceived as members of the KKK. Yesterday the empty vessel known as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez compared the illegals trying to breach the border to Jews fleeing Nazi Germany. No, they are not! This woman seriously needs to read a book. But this is par for the course with Democrat politicians.  In their lust for power, the more victims that they can get, the better it is for them. They see all of these people coming into the country as victims who they will ensure see themselves as, and remain victims. The Democrats see them as a potential reliable voting block for the Democrat party. Why solve the problem when they can use it as a club over the head of their political opponents?

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