The Politics of Race baiting and the Role it Plays

The Democrat Party’s main goal with black voters is to ensure that blacks as a group are single issue voters. That issue is racism! As long as the Democrat Party is successful with that strategy they will continue to win the black vote. It does not matter how terrible Democrat Party policies are, as long as they could successfully cast their political opponents as racists, that single issue would almost guarantee that blacks vote Democrats. Nothing else matters if race is the single most important thing to the constituency of black voters. It ensures that the Democrat Party will not have to do the necessary hard work to win the black community, and they can take it for granted if all they have to do is point at the racist who only wants to hold the black man down. Just take a look at the elections from a few weeks ago, and one could see this age old Democrat Party strategy in full play. It was most evident in the Florida and Georgia race. 

Andrew Gillum the black and smooth Tallahassee Mayor who ran for Governor, shamelessly played the race card in his quest to become Florida’s next Governor. Over and over again, he tried to besmirch the character of Representative Ron DeSantis by implying that DeSantis is a racist. Of course there is nothing in Desantis’s life that suggests one bit that he is a racist. His life, his efforts, his record in general shows that he is a decent man who treats people of all stripes fairly. That did not matter to his political opponents though. If they could successfully get the racist moniker to gain some traction then stick, they stood a chance of defeating him, and it almost worked. In a race that should not have even been competitive, given Gillum’s awful record as Mayor, despite all of his shady dealings, and the FBI looking into his affairs as Mayor, and his stated desire to turn Florida into Cuba, Gillum and his cronies in the Democrat Party was able to somehow keep making the issue about race. That appeal to race became one of Gillum’s go to moves because he knew how successful it has been for decades. Ideas take a back seat to emotions when it comes to many black voters. Gillum knew this and he played the game like a race baiting professional. 

It was no different in Georgia. The tactics were a little different, but the overall strategy was the same. Try to successfully label your opponent as a racist and thereby increase your chances of being competitive. That’s it! It’s a simple, devious plan, but it somehow seems to work every time. Stacy Abrams, whose policies if successful, like her socialist compatriot’s in Florida, is bound to take Georgia on the road to Cuba was able to convince many black Georgia voters that her political opponent was hell bent on suppressing the black vote and taking black people backwards. One more time black people overwhelmingly bought in to the ruse. In doing so, Ms. Abrams was able to successfully remove the battle from the arena of ideas into the casino where she could play the race card, and where she knows that her chances of being successful increases exponentially. The race eventually came down to Ms. Abrams assassinating the character of her political opponent, accusing him of all manner of  racist stunts, thereby changing the discussion from policy to race. Even now that the election is over, she is out in the media-sphere making charges of racist voter suppression, refusing to accept her losses gracefully. She continues to stir up the racist divide by making these baseless claims, blaming everything on racism knowing that she can get away with it because no one in the legacy media will challenge her. This is your Democrat Party, naked for everyone to see, but it makes no difference to many black people. They will continue to look at all of the problems faced by the black community in cities like Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore and all of the other cities run into the ground by Democrats and continue to support them because after all those other folks want to take black people back to the halcyon days of lynching, segregation and Jim Crow. The great irony is that every single racist law that was ever passed in this country was passed by a Democrat President, Congress, Governor and State legislature. Every one! Every atrocity from the trail of tears to the Ocoee and Rose wood massacre were the work of Democrat politicians, and the Klu Klux Klan was only ever associated with the Democrat Party. Ever! And they’ve never apologized for their racist past. They just turned around and started blaming the other side and calling them racist for everything. They’ve somehow managed to convince people that “the parties switched.” Go figure! 

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