Freedom of the Press is Alive and Well in America

OK folks, stop it…just stop it! The press is not exempt from criticism. Sure they have a constitutionally protected right to do what they do. They are supposed to play an important role in keeping government accountable to the people. This freedom should be guarded jealously because of the important role that the media plays in a republic such as ours. Having said that, the press does not get a free pass to say anything, and behave anyway that they choose, without being challenged. Keep in mind, the same liberties that the media enjoys are the same liberties extended to every citizen of the United States, including the President. Just as those in the media have the right to call the President of the United States a Nazi, a racist, a white supremacist, a misogynist, an Islamophobe, a xenophobe, or any other ist or phobe, by the same token; the President has the right to call them fake news, or to label the fake news as the enemy of the people. It is as simple as that. The first amendment works both ways. 

Ever since the election of Donald Trump, the media has embarked on a mission to destroy his Presidency. They have abandoned any pretense that they once held onto as they tried to portray themselves as “down the middle.” The same media that turned a blind eye, and clogged their ears to the lies and deceit that took place under the Obama Administration for eight years, suddenly regained their courage when Trump was elected. The media expects everyone to be impressed with their microscopic examination of President Trump as they ignore all of the crazy, unhinged, buffoonery that is taking place in the Democrat Party and on the left. This is the same media that stood by in silence as his holiness Barrack built his multiple straw men during his tenure, lied to the people on major issues, and then declared with a serious face that he had no scandals during his eight year reign. So when people look at their pathetic, despicable, shameless behavior and call them fake news, they whine that Trump and his supporters are encouraging violence against the media. 

The truth is that if it was not for alternate media, people would never not know about many of the important issues, and happenings that are taking place in the country. The monopoly that the legacy media once enjoyed, which allowed them to control the narrative on the issues has long disappeared, and though they still have tremendous sway they do not simply get away with the things that they once did. That is what upsets them more than anything. On top of all that, whereas in the past they were able to say anything about a Republican President without any opposition, the current resident of the White House fights back. It is legitimate to say that President Trump is often petty and he sometimes needs to let some things go without always being so combative, but he has a right to call the press out on their blatant falsehoods, and their advocacy on behalf of the Democrat Party. 

These people are so desperate about being exposed that they tried to blame the recent bomb threats to some news outlets and Democrat politicians by a lunatic supporter of Trump on President Trump and his supporters. They say that shouting “CNN sucks” at Trump rallies encourages violence against the press, and that calling them fake news is dangerous. No it is not. Please! The truth is that CNN and the rest of the media cartel is a pitiful excuse for a news organization, and they should be called out for their shameless descent to the gutter. Their attempt to blame Trump and his supporters for the recent bomb threats is not meant to highlight any real threats to the media, because there have been no threats. They are simply trying to intimidate people into silence.

Their latest stunt suing the White House to get Jim Acosta’s White House press credentials back is sure to end in humiliation for them, and will only serve to highlight once more what a pathetic bunch they are. Jim Acosta thinks that he has the right to shout and debate the President after the President answers his question and attempts to move on to one of the other dozens of reporters who also wants to ask questions. Acosta thinks that he does not have to give up the mike as a staffer attempts to take it and pass it on to another reporter. He thinks that he has the right to put his hands on the female staffer then claim that he did not, and the footage of him doing so is “doctored.” Well, he’s wrong! These people have no shame whatsoever. If he does not know how to conduct himself during the press briefing, he deserves to lose his credentials. It’s not the CNN press briefing, it’s the White House correspondents press briefing. CNN still has access to the White House. Their rights nor the rights of any other media organization have not been infringed. Freedom of the press is alive and well in the United States of America.  

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