Michelle and Barrack, Victims of America’s Hate

Michelle Obama recently launched her book tour. In a recent interview with Robin Roberts she stated that “our presence had been celebrated by millions of Americans, but it also contributed to a reactionary sense of fear and resentment among others.” She went on to state that “the hatred was old and deep and as dangerous as ever.” She does not give any specific examples of the hatred, or the so called reactionary sense of fear and resentment she is talking about, but that is not necessary in her world. Being the victim is a cherished status, and worth holding onto with every fiber of ones being. It does not matter how successful, accomplished, intelligent, influential or admired a person may be, and make no mistake; Michelle Obama is all of those things. Despite all of that though, she has to hold on to the notion that she is reviled by a large section of Americans, because of no other reason than the color of her skin. This woman who has been in the company of royals and treated like royalty herself wants us to know that despite her privilege, she is after all just a black woman in America, and that matters more than anything to a large segment of Americans. Of course the sycophantic media, in the pursuit of promoting leftist ideology, has completely abandoned its role and simply let her make this statement unchallenged. She is not asked to give details pertaining to her statement. 

These media personalities are in awe of her and just contented to be in her presence. Journalistic integrity be damned! Asking probing questions is reserved for those of the conservative persuasion. No one who has followed Mrs. Obama’s career is surprised by her assertion that her fellow citizens were fearful and resentful of her and her husband’s presence in the White house. This is the same woman who said that she only became proud of her country for the first time in her entire lifetime when her husband was chosen as the Democrat Party representative to run for President in 2008. Prior to that Mrs. Obama had no reason whatsoever to be proud of her country. Do not forget that she and her husband for twenty years sat in a church that preached on black liberation theology.  They sat at the feet of a man who vehemently hates America, and has often spewed racist rhetoric towards white people, not the kind of rhetoric that requires interpretation, but naked, unadulterated, hateful rhetoric. 

Many black people reading Mrs. Obama’s contention that her family’s presence caused Americans to be fearful and resentful will shake their head in agreement. They will not require that she back up her statement with any proof. Just the fact that the Obama’s are black is enough reason to conclude that any opposition to them was based on race. It is sickening, it is disgusting but it will pass as insightful, nuanced, sophisticated and deep.

The same people who will lap this stuff up without an ounce of curiosity are the same people who dare to lecture the rest of the country about their support for Donald Trump. They see nothing wrong in this woman arbitrarily, without anything at all to back it up, accusing her fellow Americans of being resentful towards her family because her family is black. That is not divisive to them. She is just “telling it like it is.”

How does one reconcile Mrs. Obama’s statement with the treatment that they had. received for eight long years? They were practically worshipped during their entire tenure, but that does not matter, the fact that they were ever opposed at all rendered them as victims of hate and resentment. Criticizing them was anathema, and anyone who dared to break that sacred rule felt the wrath of their defenders.  Looking back on the Obama years, one could only wander would have been possible had they taken a different approach, and been cheerleaders for the country, talking of all that is possible for anyone blessed enough to be born here. Instead, what we had for eight years was a man beloved by so many telling the country for eight years how terrible and racist it was. Now that they are no longer in the white house, his wife is continuing to spread the message that in America your effort and achievements do not matter, just the color of your skin. Colin Kaepernick, Lebron James, Spike Lee, Oprah Winfrey and the whole cabal of race hustlers are in good company.  

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