The People Have Spoken

The people have spoken, they’ve decided that President Trump needs a check on his power. The roaring economy, the defeat of Isis, the tax cuts, the advancements with North Korea, the improved trade deals with the European nations, Korea, Canada and Mexico, the embassy move to Jerusalem, the shredding of the Iran nuclear agreement, and the reinstating of sanctions and all of the other big policy wins were not enough for the people to give him two more years with congress on his side. That is the way the system works in a Democracy/Republic. In gaining control of the house Democrats get to put the brakes on the President’s agenda. In order to move forward on any meaningful legislation, Democrats and Republicans will have to work together. The question now is whether or not they can put some of their differences do it in the effort to find areas where they can cooperate. In the past we’ve have seen how a divided congress can bring the people’s business to an extremely slow chug. The Democrats have made it clear what they want to do. Let’s see if they will follow through on their plans. They plan to impeach the President, launch endless inquiries, raise taxes, do nothing on illegal immigration, continue sanctuary cities, reinstate regulations, increase taxes, investigate Judge Kavanaugh and push their socialist agenda. The people have said yes to crazy Maxine Waters, the know nothing socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the corrupt Bob Menendez, and the irrational Nancy Pelosi. The people deserve the Government that they get. The riots in the streets, the looting on college campuses, the blocking of traffic in streets across America, the use of violence as a tool, the constant race baiting, the politics of personal destruction and all of the unhinged acts that we have seen in the last two years have been rewarded. We also have to see how President will react to this change in the power structure. Will he be as combative or will he show a more cooperative side that we have not seen in the effort to continue the tremendous results we have made in the economy and other areas ever since his election. The Republicans in the meanwhile are not going home empty handed. They maintain control of the Senate with some gains. In doing so they get to continue their impact on the Judiciary in the next two years in a way that could set precedent for years to come. For many in the conserve movement, the ideological direction of the court is the most important issue. Though many of them are indeed disappointed in the results, they are excited that they get to keep the Senate and still shape the direction of the courts. In a divided country where both sides have dug in their heels, the battle for the soul of the country has entered another phase of the culture wars. How this all bodes for the country in the next couple of years is yet to be determined. All indicators point to a roller coaster couple of years leading up to the Presidential elections. Buckle up! It’s going to be one heck of a ride, but God is still in control.

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