Election 2018, the People Decide

Today as America decides who will be in charge of Congress for the next two years, the distinct message of the two parties could not be clearer. One is a message of hope that says America”s best days are ahead, and that we can overcome any obstacle that comes in our way. With God on our side, and the sheer determination and grit of the American people, we can accomplish anything, and will continue to be the greatest nation in human history. Despite our flaws, we as a nation will continue to address injustice, bigotry and hate the way that we always have. We can look to our past, see how far we have come, be confident that the American story is still being written, and that justice and freedom will prevail. We are grateful to God who has made all of this possible. It is because of him that we have been so richly blessed. The other message is a message of gloom and doom. The promulgators of this message tell us that unless they are in power there is an existential threat to the people that only they can fix through the power of Government. They never fail to let us know that the United States is an unjust country that feeds off the oppression of its people. The white man is at the root of all the problems that we face, and white people in general want to keep everyone else subjugated. The message declares that the rich are rich because they have cheated the poor. Women are in danger of losing their rights. The sick will be left to fend for themselves. Old people will be hung out to dry, and children will be forsaken because the other side simply does not care. Yes indeed, theirs is a very familiar message. Every two years they go seeking out David Duke or some other bogeyman, then they try to tie him to the other side, then they spit out the oft repeated mantra. The other side is racist, sexist, misogynist, and bigoted. There is no joy or optimism in that message. They thrive on negativity! The country is always just one step away from falling apart, and only they can keep it together. You will never hear them being cheerleaders for the country.

It is we the people who decide which message prevails. VOTE!