Political Violence in the Era of Trump

Today in the news we learned that prominent members of the Democrat Party, and the CNN news organization received suspicious devices suspected to be bombs. The people who were sent these devices are heavy hitters in the Democrat Party, and critics of Trump. The list of people who were sent these devices include god, Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Maxine Waters, and John Brennan. Naturally, this is behavior that cannot be condoned. It is unacceptable that our politics has sunk this low. Violence has no place in the political process, and every decent law abiding American knows this. Naturally leaders in the Republican Party and in the conservative movement have made it absolutely clear that they do not support this behavior, and categorically condemned it. Authorities must spare none of their resources in the effort to resolve this unfortunate turn of events and find out who is responsible. It does not matter that the people at the receiving end of these threats are Democrats. The calls, and the appeal for this behavior to cease must be as vociferous as when the violence is directed at Republicans and conservatives. There is no justification for this behavior!  

As usual though, when these unfortunate events occur; the double standard is applied, and the response is unlike anything that we see when the threats are directed against conservative politicians. The media seems to be excited by this turn of events. To them this is another great opportunity to turn the negative spotlight on President Trump. They are breathless in their coverage of these events because they get to portray Trump and his supporters as extremists. Anyone who has ever paid attention to American politics though, knows that violence is not a tool that is generally associated with the conservative movement or the Republican Party. This is not to say that they are blameless or have never committed violent acts. This is just to remind everyone that despite how the media portrays this, to keep in mind that this behavior is never promoted or advocated by those in the mainstream, on the right of the political spectrum. You will be hard pressed to find anyone in the leadership, or other prominent positions on the right calling for violence or the harassment of their political opponents. You will however find them voicing in the strongest terms their opposition to this behavior. You will not find commentators like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Larry Elder, Mark Levin and others saying that the targets of the bomb threats deserve it, or brought it on themselves. On the other hand, keep in mind that political violence has long been a staple of many on the left.

While the media ecstatically reports on the bomb threats directed at these leftist, Democrat politicians, do not forget for one minute how they have reacted to the scores of violent attacks against, and harassment of Trump’s supporters, and conservative politicians in the last two years. They have been virtually silent! Do not forget the rioting on campuses. Do not forget the assassination attempt on the lives of several Republican Congressmen just one year ago. Do not forget the calls for violence by celebrities and academics. Do not forget the number of GOP offices that have literally been firebombed.  Do not forget Maxine Waters calling for the harassment of Trump’s cabinet members or Corey Booker admonishing his supporters to “get in the faces of some congress people.” It is Nancy Pelosi who said that she does not understand why there are no uprisings in the streets. Only last week Hillary Clinton declared on national TV that you cannot be civil towards Republicans until Democrats regain power.    

The media, as the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party are predictably drooling all over themselves as they report on these bomb threats. They can’t believe their “luck” as they get to portray Democrats as victims of the dastardly Trump and his band of evil supporters. But again, keep in mind that whereas this is an aberration for Trump’s supporters to behave this way; this is not uncommon on the left. You will not find any videos of teenagers beating up a disabled man yelling f*** Trump as they do it. There are no videos of any mob pulling Hillary Clinton supporters from a vehicle yelling “he voted for Hillary,” as they pummel the victim for voting the way he did. There are no reports of hostility directed at customers in restaurants by workers, because the customer is wearing an “I’m with her” t-shirt. No Democrat politicians have been run off the road by angry Trump supporters, neither has any Democrat candidate running for office been attacked by any angry knife wielding Trump supporters.

It is a pity that we can’t simply condemn these actions in one voice without pointing fingers, but it is necessary in the current environment. So yes, while it is important to certainly condemn these threats meant to scare Democrats politicians let’s not lose perspective and forget who the established perpetrators of political violence in this country are. Keep in mind also that in the last ten years, especially since the election of Donald Trump there has literally been hundreds of hoax hate crimes committed by Democrat supporters in the effort to portray Trump supports in a negative light.  Remember that according to no lesser authority than the conservative hating SPLC, the leader of the Charlotteville white supremacist protest last year, Jason Kessler, was an “Occupy Wall Street” leader, and an ardent Barrack Obama supporter. This may not be one of these instances, but again, perspective.

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