Democrat Incivility

A couple days ago during a debate at a synagogue with Republican Brian Fitzpatrick, the Democrat Party challenger Scott Wallace dropped the f*** grenade as he was challenged on the veracity of a statement that he made. F*** off he yelled at his opponent as the stunned crowd reacted in disbelief. But who is surprised by this? The Democrat Party has lost its mind since Donald Trump was elected as President, and they believe that anything goes when it comes to trying to get rid of Trump and the Republican congress. Of course the media lets them get away with their behavior, so the Democrats just continue to go further into the abyss. Who can forget? Some time after Donald Trump was elected, the leader of the California Democrat Party led a crowd of supporters in a f*** Donald Trump chant. The enthusiastic crowd hooted and hollered as they repeated the chant with gusto. F*** Donald Trump, f*** Donald Trump f*** Donald Trump. The minority leader in the Congress, Nancy Pelosi, and the Obama administration former labor secretary, Hilda Soliz stood close by, and smiled approvingly as the chant continued…F*** Donald Trump. Maxine Waters called Trump’s cabinet picks scumbags. Bill Maher called Trump a monkey amongst other names, and do not forget the number of celebrities who have gotten in on the act with their insults and name calling over the last two years. Nothing has changed much since then, unabashed hatred of Trump continues to drive the Democrat Party as they descend further and further into the pit of incivility. In the meantime, they continue to complain about the President’s tweeting and his lack of incivility. They do this without the slightest hint of self awareness, as they self righteously proclaim what a rube Trump is. They grab their purses in shock and horror pretending to be offended by the current tone of political discourse while they continue to be the chief purveyors of this type of politics. Trump’s supporters meanwhile refuse to abandon him. It is not that they would not like to see him act more presidential in the moments when he insults someone in a twitter fight. It is not that they wouldn’t like to see him take the high road. They would love to see the protocols and behavior generally associated with the presidency return. By the same token, they have seen the double standards applied over the decades, where Democrats could say and do anything against their political opponents while the media makes excuses for them. This time conservatives have someone in the White House who is actually doing many of the things that he said he would do. They are seeing results, and in addition; the guy fights back. The more that the Democrat Party shows their colors, the more Hollywood loses its mind, and the more that the media abandons its role, it seems like Trump’s support grows even stronger.

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