Trump and Kanye

Well, well! What to say about Kanye West and his recent visit to the White House. One thing that you could say for sure is that this brother is definitely always entertaining and makes for riveting TV. Whether he is making himself a liberal darling by declaring that “George Bush does not care about black people,” acting the fool by taking the mike from a yourng Taylor Swift, proclaiming his admiration for the way that Candace Owens thinks, or announcing his love for President Donald Trump; no doubt that there is never a dull moment with this brother. 

Kanye is no different than any other celebrity. His opinion does not have more weight than other American simply because he is a celebrity. His celebrity does not give him any special insight or credibility, but as an American he has the right to get involved in the political process, and anythig he says should be measured on the merits. The Kanye that we saw at the White House a couple of days ago is the same eccentric character that Americans have seen a thousand times before. What is different though, is that in a few of his most recent appearances, Kanye has done some things that black people in this country are forbidden from doing. He supports President Donald Trump, spoken against the Democrat Party, shown support for some conservative causes, and refused to bite in to the race bait. For these crimes, Kanye West has become the target of the left’s vitriol, hatred and scorn. As we have seen time and time again, as long as black people are content to remain slaves on the Democrat plantation, they are loved by their Democrat overlords. Those who dare to free themselves, think for themselves and make their own political decisions become fair game for Democrats, the left and their allies in the legacy media. This happens, and is acceptable on only one side of the political spectrum, and the charlatans who are always there to speak out against so called injustice, intolerance, bigotry and racism against black people remain silent. 

A few months ago Laura Ingraham had the audacity to criticize Lebron James for comments that he made about President Trump. She told him to shut up and dribble, then all hell broke loose. Never mind that Ms. Ingram has a book and a segment of her show where she regularly calls out different high profile people telling them to do what they are known for, and to shut up and stop bombarding everyone with their politics. Laura Ingraham was roundly criticized as a racist white supremacist who hated black people. Because she told Lebron James to shut up and dribble!!! Now the whole cabal of Lebron James defenders is completely unhinged in their response to Kanye West’s support of President Trump. They think their reaction to Kanye West is justified because of the groundwork that they have laid in casting Trump as a bigot, a white supremacist, a misogynist etc. It is an evil, brilliant strategy. By successfully painting Trump to a large section of Americans as a dastardly, execrable, sub-human, Hitlerian anti-Christ buffoon, nothing that Trump does can compensate for who he is in their minds. Therefore anyone who supports Trump does not deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, because after all, that person supports evil incarnate. This is how they have convinced themselves that it is ok to insult and denigrate people like Kanye West. This is why a CNN contributor could say that “Kanye West is what happens when negros dont read,” while Don Lemon can hardly control himself laughing. 

True, there is a certain decorum and protocol that one associates with the white house, and Kanye breached it with his profanity laced speech. It is fine to criticize that, but that is not what bothered his critics. What bothers them most is that this black pop icon is showing love and support for a man they all loathe. Kanye’s support may even have the effect of convincing some black people to look beyond the narrative about Trump. And worse, Kanye may even convince some of them that Trump, though quite boorish and unconventional, and for all of his undeniable faults, may be worth giving another look. That scares them more than anything.

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