Stand up to the Mob and Do Not Reward Their Petulance

Any other Republican President would have forsaken Judge Kavanaugh by now, but not Donald Trump. This is one of the reasons that people support him. The man is not swayed by rampaging mobs. He does not care that people call him racist or misogynist. He is secure in knowing that he is not any of those things, and he is loyal to his base. The mob has tried everything in its power to destroy a decent man in Judge Kavanaugh. They have resorted to classic mob rule tactics, showing up at the homes of their political opponents, harassing them in restaurants and elevators, and committing all types of intimidatory tactics, all to no avail. Senators on the floor have used their positions of power to openly declare that the Judge does not deserve the presumption of innocence. Others have declared him guilty without paying any attention to evidence, and all of the circumstances surrounding the accusations against him. Trump’s willingness to fight back against the constant attacks against himself, and the citizens who support him gives people encouragement that he will not forsake them. 

What we are witnessing in the Senate and across the country is unlike anything that the country has ever seen. Imaging that one staffer for Democrat Senator Sheila Jackson Lee was recently arrested for doxxing the personal information of GOP Senators. In a civil Society we had one Senior Congresswoman openly call for the harassment of cabinet officials. Another time while defending herself against more accusations, she boasted that she has called for harassment of Trump supporters before, but that time she did not. A former member Obama administration official has in the past openly called for a military coup against the duly elected United States President. The other nominee in the last Presidential election has openly declared herself a member of the resistance and actively urges her supporters to engage in the unhinged behavior that we have been witnessing from the left. Some Democratic leaders openly call for throwing civility out the window, and  mobs of resistance agitators are encouraged by the Democrat Party machine to chase after Senators in attempts to intimidate them.  The opposition is by nature supposed to oppose. There is nothing wrong with opposing the ruling Party and the ruling President, but what we are witnessing is a refusal to accept the will of the people, and an effort to undo the result of the elections via a soft coup. Elections have consequences and the ruling party has the right to implement the agenda that they were elected to implement. The Democrat Party and the left are attempting to take over via the mob.

As people talk about the lack of civility brought on by Donald Trump, the intolerance is happening overwhelmingly on one side of the political spectrum. It is one side that is engaged in the name calling, the harassment, the acts of intimidation, the character assassination, the race baiting, violence, and the blatant disrespect of our institutions. Nothing like what we see happening on the left and in the Democrat Party is happening with the deplorables. What is even more alarming is that none of the leadership is calling on their followers to tamp down on their unhinged behavior? There seems to be no grown ups in the Democrat Party and their allies in the media as their supporters engage in open hostility directed toward anyone who disagrees with them. 

So to all you haters of Donald Trump, the question to you is; does the behavior of the Democrat Party and the left in general bother you as much as Trump”s behavior? Do you think anything that Trump has actually done compares to the behavior of the Party that you support? Does the violence bother you? Does the rioting bother you? Are you bothered by the mobs who   harass their fellow Americans at restaurants, their homes and movie theaters? Does the willingness of United States Senators to ruin a man’s reputation based on nothing but unfounded, uncorroborated accusations bother you in the slightest? When a Senator declares to all men in the country to shut up, does that make you concerned? When Democrat Senator Cory Booker says to his supporters to “Please don’t just come here today and then go home. Go to the Hill today and get up in the face of some congresspeople,” do you find that behavior to be bothersome? When Kathy Griffin says to Senator Susan Collins “F*C******K YOUUUUUU because Collins decided to vote yes on Judge Kavanaugh, are you pleased? When you continue  to hear all of the references from Democrats on the evils of white men, does that bother you as much as anything that Donald Trump has ever said or done? Do you know of people getting beaten up for wearing “I’m with her T-shirts”? Are you bothered when leaders in the Democrat Party leads a crowd in a F*** Donald Trump chant, while the minority Pelosi looks on smiling approvingly? How many people do know who have been denied service at a Restaurant or other public place for being a Hillary Supporter? How many Democrat Senators have been physically attacked, or shot by deplorables since the election of Trump? Did this behavior happen under Obama?  One thing we know is that on the ocassion that there is misbehavior on the right, a bright light gets focused on it and it is always roundly condemned by everyone. Where is your outrage at all of these things Trump haters? Why is this behavior acceptable to you when you claim to be so offended by Donald Trump?

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