The Race Baiting is in Full Swing

“Look at thus (sic) chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement,” All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes,”  Christine Fair, Georgetown Professor. Can you believe this? What would make someone speak these words and feel that it is ok to put it out in the public withoot any fair of negative consequences. This woman is not a random troll. You find those on every end of the political spectrum. No political party is immune from having them, but she is a professor at a prominent university. Is it any wonder that so many young people end up leaving college with their warped thinking of America. Race is everything to these people and they do everything in their power to keep the race baiting scheme going. This drivel is passed off as enlightenment. The fact that a lot of it is driven by white people themselves, gives these white liberals an opportunity to tweet their own horns and self righteously point at themselves saying “look at me.” I am a honest white person who can “speak truth to power. I am edgy. I am a champion of the down trodden. I deserve to be patted on the shoulder for being brave. 

Well the reality is that they are not brave. They are sychophantic leftist agitators trying to ingratiate themselves to the black community who, they believe will automatically love them for talking so “honestly” about white people. It is white virtue signalling of the highest order, and it is one of the main issues that is tearing the country apart. While these ignorant fools get to pat themselves on their own shoulders, the racial divide grows wider. This nonsense is thriving on one side of the political divide, the left and in the Democrat Party. This does not mean that on the conservative side people are intrinsically better. Far from it because the sinful nature is common in all human beings and across all political ideologies, but the truth is simply that it is the left engaging in this behavior. If you doubt it, look at some more of what has been passing for nuance in the race mongering media, on the left and in the Democratic Party

Former George Bush strategist and ABC chief political analyst Matthew Dowd who is now a solid anti-Trumper and solidly on the left side of politics had the following to say. Think about what this man is saying. Does this kind of thinking really help “people of color?” Does this kind of thinking lead to healing, or further divisions? This man is actually putting out this garbage, convinced that it is wisdom: 

1.  “Time for us white male Christians to take a step back and give power to others, and make ourselves dispensable.” Are you kidding? Are you kidding!?!? “I would humbly suggest that we as white male Christians take it upon ourselves to step back and give more people who don’t look like us access to the levers of power,”

2.  Here is Juanita Tolliver from the Center for American Progress Action. This is a prominent black female “A panel of eleven white Republicans opted to have a female shield protect them.”

Here is CNN commentator Simone Sanders, another black female talking about white men “Judge Kavanaugh was the patriachy and white male privilege on display.” In other words the white man needs to sit down and shut up. He has no right to be angry nor to defend himself as vigorously as he did, as people accuse him of being a sexual predator. Why? Because he is white. Let that soak in to your brain.

The following statement is from that paragon of virtue, also known as the porn lawyer extraordinairre, Michael Avenatti. Talking about the Kavanaugh, Blasey Ford Saga, he said “White men need to stop passing judgement on sexual assault victims.” So the merit of the case does not matter. What matters more than anything is skin color.

 Lest anyone is inclined to think that this is something new it is not. This new fad of openly bashing the white male has bee trending for a few years now. And it is to the point that many people now think that this is acceptable behavior. People like Roseanne Barr have to do pennance for the slightest hint of racism directed at blacks. Paula Dean”s career could come crashing down because she used the N word in 1993, politicians can be taken through the ringer for any slight that could be interpreted as being racist against black people. The news media will go to war over the most innocent statements deemed racist against black people, but when it comes to this blatant, open, viciousness directed at white people, this is tolerated as enlightenment. Some of these people on the left have even called for the lynching of white people, others have called for outright extermination of the white male. Again, not internet trolls, but public figures. This is the back to front, upside down era in which we live. America 2018 courtesy your Democrat Party

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