Black People Thinking for Themselves

 Yesterday it  was so refreshing to see outside the white house, a group of young black conservatives hold a rally in support of President Donald Trump. It was such a beautiful sight to behold, not particularly because they were there in support of the President, but because they are willing to buck the status quo and show that they can think for themselves. Their willingness to openly support the President is a bold and courageous stance, because it opens them up to ridicule, insults, hate, and ostracism. As a black person in America, it is easy to side with, and repeat the worn out cliches that people like Michael Eric Dyson, Marc Lamont Hill, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Barrack Obama spew. Any dead fish can swim downstream with those guys, but as one very wise man says, it takes a fish with strong backbone to swim upstream and go against the current. And that is what makes these young black, vibrant, intelligent young people so special. They are free independent thinkers who are willing to think outside of the political box in which so many white leftists who have no interest in their well being insist they remain. As Candace Owens says, for these white lefties black lives do not matter, black votes do. They have for years used the racist bogey man to scare black people into voting for the Democrat Party and it has quite frankly gotten old.

Of course, black people should vote for whomever the want. They do not have to like Donald Trump nor vote for him, but what so many black people seem to do is just go along with the herd, without any kind of critical thinking on the issues. How does one ignore so many of the problems in the black community that are a direct result of Democrat policies and leadership? An example of this is the Baltimore race riots from a couple of years ago. After the media, the Democrat Party and the left fomented their racial discord, black people just went along with the show and allowed themselves to be played like a fiddle by these white lefties who see themselves as the savior of black people. Lost on black people all across the country was the fact that this city was completely controlled by the Democrat Party with people of color at all of the highest levels of leadership in the city. The mayor was black, over two-thirds of the city council was black, the chief of police was black, most of his officers on the force were black, three of the six officers in the case were black, the prosecutor was black, and even the judge who tried the case was black. The city has been run by Democrats since the late sixties but none of that mattered. Sadly, black people refuse to even consider trying something different. It is the same story in cities like Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Newark and others around the country. They have all been run by Democrats for decades, and they have been run into the ground. In spite of all of this, many black people in these cities, in a classic display of intellectual laziness; they reflexively latch on to charges of racism without any careful examination of the issues, and they vote the same people into power over and over again, expecting different results. 

One can understand why it was so refreshing to see these young people outside of the white house yesterday openly defy the plantation masters who insist that black people remain on the Democrat Party plantation. These courageous folks do not lose their capability to think when people fling the word racist, Nazi, fascist or white supremacist in the air. They are not single issue voters who sacrifice every other issue at the altar of so called systemic racism. They dare to use  their brains to think, and their minds to reason. They ask themselves the hard questions and then make their political decisions based on this process. 

An interesting fact about the Democrat Party is that they have never acknowledged, nor apologized for their sordid history. They have never acknowledged their central role in the trail of tears, slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, lynchings, the inhumane black prison camps of the early twentieth century, the Rosewood massacre, the Ocoee massacre, the use of fire hoses and dogs on innocent black marchers, their opposition to civil rights and many other shameful issues in this country. After being on the wrong side of every major issue to affect black people, and civil rights in general in this country, instead of acknowledging their role and seeking to do right, they claim that “the two sides switched.” They initiated the welfare state with the sole purpose of getting people dependent on the government, and then they started branding anyone who opposed their policies as racist. Using this strategy they have been able to avoid culpability for their sordid history, while simultaneously keeping many black people from rising to their full potential.

There is no doubt that today black people are doing better than they have at anytime in our history. Most black people are not living in squalor, nor down trodden lives. Black people have generally reaped many of the benefits that America has promised to those who reach out for them and take action, but the community could and should be doing much better. In many communities across America there is a different reality for too many black people and the common thread in most if not all of these places is that they are run by Democrat politicians. Despite all of this, the only thing a Democrat has to do is say the word “racist” and black people run flocking to the voting booths to zealously cast their vote for the Democrat politician promising that they will take care of all their needs, and save them from the racist white man. 

Black people, let us free ourselves. Join the Blexit: 

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