Women Must be Believed, Even Without any Corroborating Evidence….Especially if the Accused is Conservative

Witness the evil Democratic Party machine as they conduct the Salem witch trial in the effort  to destroy the name, career and life of a man with whom they disagree politically. It is possible that the women who accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual improrriety could be telling the truth. It is also possible that anyone reading this facebook post could be struck by lightning, but the likelihood of it happening is very slim. Observe the difference in the treatment of the two witnesses by the Democrats. Despite the Judge’s protestations, they continue to treat him like it is a given that he committed the alleged offense against Ms. Ford. Any man watching the unrelenting attacks on the Judge’s character should be concerned. If all it takes is a woman making an accusation of sexual impropriety against a man to destroy the good reputation he has built, then God help us all. In the era of me too, the presumption of innocence no longer matters. Evidence does not matter. “A woman must be believed” no matter how many holes may exist in her story. If the accused is a Republican or coservative, she should be believed more. 

As everyone tip toes around to protect the emotional sensibilities of the accuser, Judge Kavanaugh, the human being is considered to be fair game in this sickening display of personal destruction. The Republicans have bent over backwards to be accomodating to her in the effort to take her seriously, while giving her the opportunity to give voice to her story. They have conducted themselves with the decorum that is expected of anyone holding the positions of power that they do. The media and Democrats said that they were incapable of being fair because they are white men. So in order to avoid the charge of being unfair they hired a female prosecutor to ask  questions of Ms Ford. For doing that, they were called cowardly white men who hired a woman shield to do their dirty work. Using their famed mind reading powers, Democrats and the Media delved into the minds of the Republicans on the committee and determined that they do not really believe Ms. Ford’s story, even though they said that they believe something really did happen to her. They just believe that she is mistaken about judge Kavanaugh. The evil Democratic machine has been in full attack mode, spewing their vitriol agains the judge and the Republicans on the committee. It is the usual story. Everyone has heard it a million times before. Republicans hate women, they do not care about women’s pain. They are insensitive to the concerns of women, and on and on and…

In the midst of this highly charged hearing, it is easy to lose sight of the facts. The facts are these: Ms Ford says that she was at a party that was miles away from her home, but she does not recall how she got to the party, and who took here there. She does not remember all of the people who were at the party. The two people she cited as witnesses have each denied her that they even know whtat she is talking about, including her best friend, another female who she says was at the party. In fact, her friend claims that she never met Kavanaugh, neither was she ever at a party with him. Ms. Ford does not remember the the house she went to or the family whose home it was. She does not remember how she got home, who took her home or what time it was when she left the party. She does not remember the day, the momth, or the week of the party. In essence she claims that Judge Kavanaugh attempted to assault her sometime in 1982 with no other details except the details of the incident itself. The judge on the other hand has a detailed calendar of what he did in the summer of the year the alleged incident happened. He has names, events, days and times that he can refer to because of the calendar that he kept. Now that in itself does not prove anything, but it is a very crucial element of the whole story, and it is so much more than she has. When put together with all of the other facts and circumstances, based strictly on the evidence they have, not based on emotion; whose story is more likely to hold up under examination. Ms. Ford deserves compassion, but Judge Kavanaugh does not deserve to have his name dragged through the mud and be treated like a criminal the way it has been.

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