Democrats Continue to be the Party of Racism

To all the mind readers, go ahead and call out Trump and his racist, misogynistic tendencies for as long as you wish. Pretend that you have the power to go into his mind and determine that he hates black people, people of color, and women if that is what you want to do. Take his every word and scrutinize them, continue to nitpick and weed through them for the racist, misogynistic coding if that is what makes you happy. Go ahead and misinterpret everything that the man says in your effort to paint him as a racist, a misogynist or some other ist. In the end, Trump supporters will look at the things that he actually does, the effectiveness of his policies, and the way the he actually treats the citizens of this country. Despite the obsession to label Trump a racist, and a paint him as a white supremacist, or misogynist; it is the Democrat Party that continues to drive this country apart based on race and identity politics in general. After years of sitting back, taking the abuse and trying  to prove that they are not racists, misogynists or some other ist, conservatives must respond firmly to these mischaracterizations. In their latest effort to drive a wedge between groups and appeal to identity politics, let us observe the way the Democrat Party has been using these evil tools to influence the Supreme Court nomination process. Here are some prominent Democrats and their media allies (not random internet trolls) recently talking about Dr. Christine Ford’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary committee. 

1.  “Women across this nation should be outraged at what these white men senators are doing to this woman,” — Rep. John Garamendi, D-Calif.

2.  “You’re seeing on display a metaphor for what this party is, which is basically ignorant white men.” — “Morning Joe” contributor Donny Deutsch

3.  “The Republicans, it is 11 white men, talk to me about how you think the tone inside this hearing on Monday will be perceived?” — John Berman

4.  These white men, old by the way, are not protecting women, they’re protecting a man who is probably guilty.” Joy Behar

4.  “I mean, the whole thing was such a pageant of, when people ask, what does white privilege mean? This is a pageant of it,” Bill Maher on Judge Kavanaugh defending himself before the judiciary committee.

5. “Um, I saw so many things. I saw a committee of white men be angry, and I wanted to say to them I take your anger and I raise you millions of women and decent men in this country who are also angry and furious.” America Ferrera on the View

6.  “millions of women felt like Dr. Ford spoke for them, spoke to them and stirred in their memories that we as white males don’t really fully understand and appreciate…ahh and if you have a group of eleven white men sitting there on the Republican side, you have to ask; do they get it.  Do they understand, or are they of the generation that understands.” CNN Analyst David Gergen.

7.  “Absolutely. And let’s face it, on the GOP side, you have older white men, only,  interviewing this woman. I think that, that is an optic that the GOP has to be very careful about.”

These examples are just a modicum of the things that Democrats say and advocate in their incessant propagation of identity politics. No mind reading or interpreting of these words is necessary. They are very clear. The race of these men render them incapable of being fair. The whites are the bad guys and everyone else is a victims. If you are a woman or black person seeing these attacks on the white male, you should be worried by this. It is not honesty or “speaking truth to power.” The truth is that in this sick game, women, blacks and minorities are just pawns in the effort by the Democrat Party to divide and conquer.  It is time to start aggressively calling out these Democrat race baiters for their destructive ideology. This constant appeal to race is nothing, but part of a divide and conquer strategy.

The news media often tries to pass this nonsense off as nuance, or being “woke.” But those of us who take the words of Dr. Martin Luther King seriously about judging people by the content of their character call it just what it is. Racism! When the main argument against a group of people is the color of their skin, that is called racism. When the main argument is their gender it is called sexism. No amount of pontificating will change that. So, to all of you mind readers out there; go ahead and divine racism in Trump and his supporters. In the meantime, the people who are interested in taking the country forward will continue to point to real instances of racism where it exists, and identify the perpetrators of it in the process.

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