Trump Hatred is A License for Anything

In the sick dystopian world of anti-Trump haters, it is n0w acceptable behavior to direct open hostility, scorn, sabotage and violent threats at the United States President and those who support him. We get it that some people could never support this President. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, in fact; that is a sign of a healthy Democracy. Go ahead and oppose the President, it is your right. Everyone does not have to love Trump. But the lines that people have been willig to cross since this man got elected is unbelievable. The same people who opposed the Tea Party for opposing the former President Obama, and labeled every bit of opposition to Barrack Obama as racist; these are the same people who are fine taking their open contempt for the current President to unprecedented levels of  absolute hatred. It is to the point where decent people cannot sit down, and have a meal in a Restaurant becaue they support Donald Trump. Two nights ago, for the sin of being a Republican and a conservative, Senator Ted Cruz was harassed and forced by Democrat Party agitators to leave a restaurant where he was having dinner with his wife. The next day a writer for a major media outlet expressed his joy at seeing the spectacle. Are people really ok with this? When did anything like this ever happen to President Obama and members of his cabinet?

President Obama was so cuddled and protected that when Glen Beck called Obama a racist for comments Obama had made,  every one called Beck a racist for calling Obama a racist. When a rodeo clown showed up wearing an Obama mask, just like he had done for other Presidents before Obama, the rodeo clown was mercilessly crucified in the media and became an out cast of society. All for making a little fun of Obama? When Newt Gingrich said that Obama engaged in “Kenyan anti colonial behavior” because of Obama’s fathers influence on his political views, Gingrich was called a racist. A congressman once used the term tar baby in the same sense that the term has been used for ages, but because he was talking of an issue that involved President Obama, the lying press said that he called Obama a tar baby. The congressman had to apologize. When Trump took the whole conspiracy kookery about Obama’s birth certificate up another level, Trump was not just labeled as silly, ridiculous or simply mocked for it, he was called a racist, even though the whole birth certificate conspiracy was started by a prominent black Democrat way back in 2008. Even a couple members of the Hillary Clinton campaign tried to make it an issue that same year also, but Trump is the only one who was labeled racist for it. People were called racist for criticizing Obamacare. When people criticized the all powerful IRS for literally targeting conservative groups politically, they were called racist. One MSNBC news anchor said that the IRS was the new N word. Saying that Obama lies, that he was privileged, or calling him angry, was all called racist. For crying out loud, the Republican Party was called racist because they said that they wanted to ensure that Barrack Obama only served one term, the same way that every party that loses the Presidency wants to see the Party that won serve one term. The media took an eight year hiatus, cuddling, nursing and protecting the great one from any kind of criticism and refusing to ask him  tough questions on any issue. It is to the point that Obama could say that his administration never had a scandal and the media stays silent.   

Observing the  stark difference in the treatment of Trump is absolutely amazing to watch now. The media and the people who insisted that Barrack Obama was the “DE MOHST DIS REE SPECTED PRESIDENT EVAH”  now have no problem with the hateful, and vile attacks that are constantly hurled at the current President of the United States. Maxine Waters admonishes her supporters openly to harass members of the President’s cabinet and his supporters. Sarah Silverman and a former Obama Administration official called for a military coup against the President. The former director of the CIA is openly calling for Federal agency heads to disobey direct orders of the President. Hillary Clinton who ran for President of the United States calls herself a part of the resistance. Think about that for a moment! Now imagine the shoe on the other foot if she had won, and Trump called himself part of the resistance. We’ve had Republican offices bombed in violent attacks and these incidents are not considered as news worthy as a silly Trump tweet. Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego says ICE agents will not be safe once Trump is out of office and the Governor of New York refers to ICE agents as thugs.  The response is “ho hum,” no big deal. Comedians joke that the President sexually desires his daughter, while one Hollywood actor wishes sexual molestation on the President’s eleven year old son. 

In this current environment that so many people seem to be fine with, wearing a hat with the letters MAGA comes with a risk of violence being perpetrated against the wearer. People working within the Government confess to purposely sabotaging the President’s agenda from their official positions in Government, and there is no uproar over it.  The list of this behavior continues. Can anyone point to any similar behavior by the right toward the great one or any other Democrat administration. The unhinged behavior by the Democratic Party, and the left continues unabated. In the meantime so much of the good things that are happening all over the country and in the world are being ignored. Painting Trump as a white supremacist, and trying to portray his supporters as Nazis is more important, and in the process real racism gets diminished. This craziness and the raw hatred that is energizing the anti Trump train it is absolutely incredible to watch.

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