Men, Be Afraid!

Senator Masie Hirono loudly declared to the men of this country to “shut up and step up.” Who does this woman think she is? No one in the media will confront her on that outrageous statement. If you are a man witnessing the current madness taking place in the Senate you should be scared. Could Professor Ford, the woman who brought the accusation against Judge Kavanaugh be telling the truth? Anything is possible, but the rush to judgement to condemn this man who has lived such an exemplary life should be taken as a warning to every male, as the man hating left continues in their spiral to the bottom. This is your modern Democratic Party ladies and gentlemen. Observe as this man’s name is dragged through the mud by people whose main purpose is to protect abortion. They have no reservations about destroying his character before all of the facts even come out about what the accusations against him are. Nothing in the man’s past matches with the depiction of him as a monster that the evil Democratic machine has conjured up in the effort to derail his nomination to the Supreme court. Be very worried indeed if you are a man observing this. Regardless of how it turns out, it is clear that in the world of Democratic Party identity politics; women can do no wrong and any railing accusation that is brought against a man who is a Republican or conservative, no matter how unseemly the charges, the woman is “to be believed.” Circumstances, evidence, facts be damned. What is most important, is that she is a woman and he is a man. 

How many times before have we seen this behavior by players in the Democrat Party? What does it take for people to wake up to the nefarious  nature of so many in the leadership of this political gangster party? Think about what is happening here for one moment. A man who has led a stellar and exemplary life of integrity, out of the blue he is accused of attempted rape from over 35 years ago by a woman who says she does not remember the year, the time, the place, who was at the party or any key details when the alleged incident occurred. The one witness that she says was there when the alleged incident happened denies her claims. No one else knows of the incident and the judge “categorically and unequivocally” denies that it happened. 

The Senate committee is going about their procedures concerning this matter the right way. They are treating Professor Ford with respect while trying to move the process along. All of the concessions that they have made so far have been rejected, and after Professor Ford ignored the deadline to indicate whether or not she is willing to testify before the committee, they extended the deadline again. Despite the committee maintaining the decorum that we expect in these situations they are being accused of “bullying” Professor Ford. What is this madness? No one on the committee has made any derogatory statements about her. The Republicans in Congress have been circumspect in their response to her accusations. They have not accused her of lying, or made any statements about who they believe, and they have made it clear that she deserves to be heard, yet the charges of bullying continue to be made. The same treatment is not being meted out by the other side though. They have already decided that Judge Kavanaugh is guilty. The accusation in itself is serious enough, and every attempt should be made to get to the bottom of it, but the Democrats are just tearing this decent man’s character to shreds without even giving him a chance to answer the charges. And the brainless Hollywood elites are in lockstep claiming that they “believe Professor Ford.” All of this, based on nothing but her gender. Women must be believed they say. No! Women must be heard, their claims taken seriously, and then based on the merits proceed from there. 

We are witnessing the decimation of  a man’s good name by the political Mafiosi who have absolutely no problem destroying his character. This behavior is acceptable because male bashing (especially if is a white male being bashed) is somehow seen as virtuous on the left and the Democratic Party. If you are fine with this behavior simply because you are a Democrat, would you feel the same way if it were your son, your brother, your father or your friend in a similar situation? Then a pompous, blow hard, arrogant, self serving Senator from Hawaii looking to increase her political profile tells all men in the country to “shut up and step up.”

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