Calls for Principal to Be Fired After Calling Kaepernick a Thug

Yesterday the principal of J.H. Mc Gaugh Elementary School in Seal Beach California Roni Burns-Ellis found herself in hot water for calling Colin Kaepernick an Anti American thug. That comment was enough for the race pimps to come out in full force and immediately start crying racism. It is no secret that Americans on the left and in the Democratic Party just love the race card, and when they get a chance to ride the race horse they jump on it with their spurs and ride it to death. Race is the favorite tool of the left. In their world, every negative experience that a black person         has is because of racism. For them it is impossible to be a jerk to a black person without being a racist, no siree.  Well, back to the school principal. She called Kaepernick a thugh and she got raked over the coals for it. Parents called for her to be fired.  A petition was circulated and garnered over two thousand signatures calling for her dismissal. The mind readers, with their       capability to delve deep into people’s conciousness and decipher the thoughts of human beings said that it is obvious that she has “racist views on blacks.” It is not that her response was a bit over the top, inappropriate, absurd or anything like that. It is that she is a racist. 

Everything that she has done in her life up to that time does not matter. Her view that Colin Kaepernick is a thug nullifies her work as a school principal, and any good work she has ever done in her life no longer matters. She is a racist. She now deserves to lose her job and be      banished to a life of regret for calling a black man a thug. One parent said “now, I want to know, do you guys honestly think this woman could give fair treatment to black students? I’m just curious. Would you trust your kids under her care? Would you trust her to give a good example to all students on how to treat one another equally? I think not. Which to me, means she should lose her job.” Welcome to the dystopian world of the left. It is a dark, cynical, unpleasant place where no joy exists. In this world people thrive on grievance, they are fueled by hate, and intolerance   popels them. They wake up every morning with their favorite list of grievances, and with great gusto; they seek out people on whom they can pin them. Racist, they cry, sexist, misogynist, xenophobe, homphobe, islamophobe. Discussing the issues then become unnecessary because who wants to discuss anything with an ist or a phobe? 

Ok, lets get back on track…the school principal. Now it is perfectly legitimate to disagree with her assertion that Colin Kapernick is a thug, but, for goodness sake; does everything have to be about race. Do people really believer that this one comment renders this woman incapable of being fair to black children? Really…come on…! Now lets compare her words to Colin  Kaepernicks words and actions. This is what she said: When Nike signs an anti-American thug to represent their brand, I will not support, wear, purchase, or endorse their product. By-bye Nike.” This is what Colin Kaepernick said:“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.” So we have Kaepernick’s statement  about America, he thinks that it is an oppressive society. We have his statement about the police, his depiction of the police as slaughter animals (pigs), his wearing a T-shirt of the mass murdering dictator Fidel Castro who jails political opponents and people of faith for their beliefs, and literally treats black people as second class citizens. And of course we have Kaepernick’s association with the “charity” that bears the name of the convicted cop killer Assata Shakur who escaped from prison in a daring breakout, fled to Cuba and is on the FBI’s most wanted list. By the way, nothig said here about Kaepernick is an opinion. The claims can be empirically verified. Compare him to the principal who referred to him as a thug. Now, compare the reactions to the both of them. Kaepernick is considered to be a hero, a freedom fighter in the same light as Medgar Evers, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. The woman is considered to be a racist. There you go! America 2018.

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