John McCain, the Man, the Media , the Myth

It has been over a week and now that Senator John Mc Cain has been interred, and the love fest by the dishonest media has come to an end, let us reflect a bit on the man, the media and the myth. The man deserves a lot of the praise that has been showered on him. He served the country with distinction and he made it a point to always conduct himself with dignity. He was a true example in the way that he carried himself. One of the qualities for which most remembered him was his fierce independence. In the Senate he was known as a man who did not back down from a fight, and much to the chagrin of his own party he was not afraid to oppose them on some of the issues. He was no doubt a Repuplican, but some of the issues that he championed, like campaign finance reform, his opposition to enhanced interrogation, and his stance on immigration frustrated members of his Party, but made him loved by the media. He was known as the Maverick of the Senate, a moniker that he wore with pride.

John Mc Cain was a flawed man like we all are, but he was a decent man, and he was generally respected by members of both parties. During his 2008 Prsidential run, a woman at one of his rallies attempted to defame candidate Obama. John Mc Cain was having none of it. He took the microphone from the woman, defend Mr. Obama and made it clear what his campaign was all about.“

Do not however be fooled by the the media’s over the top, feigned adoration of John McCain since his death though. Their dripping admiration and excessive praise of John McCain is mostly because of one reason. McCain hated President Trump. Over the years, as long McCain opposed the Republican Party, he was the principled Senator. He was the maverick who “stood up to his own Party.” Senator McCain was someone they could tolerate whenever he served their purpose, outside of that, McCain was another racist Republican who despised black people. This same John McCain, who the media professed to love and admire so much is the same John McCain who they waged an all out battle against when he became the 2008 Republican Presidential nominee. The media wasted no time and immediately went to war against John Mc Cain. They accused him of all sorts of impropriety, most notably the New York Times, out of thin air insinuated that he had an inappropriate romantic relationship with a staffer, and that he was corrupt. The Huffington Post said that he was “unfit to be President.” Members of the media associated him with “Hitler, Satan, and Jeffrey Dahmer.”

During the campaign, over and over again; the media labeled his supporters as racists. In one instance a reporter completely made up a false report that a McCain supporter yelled “kill him” at the mention of Obama’s name during a rally. Surrogates of Senator Obama derided John McCain’s war record during the campaign, and said some really terrible things about his time in captivity. General Wesley Clark infamously said “I don’t think getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to become president.” John Lewis the disreputable race hustling pimp who believes that his status as a civil rights hero gives him license to sully anyones character, evem got in on the act. He somehow found a way to associate Senator McCain’s campaign with the former racist Governor George Wallace, and the church bombing that killed four black girls in Alabama during the fight for civil rights in the nineteen sixties.The media never ever defended McCain whenever he came under these vicious attacks.

A few years later McCain was called a “racist and a woman hater” when he criticized Susan Rice’s response to the Benghazi fiasco, he was accused of criticizing Rice because he is a racist and a sexist. No less an auspicious body than the congressional black caucus said that it was “clear sexism and racism.” The chairwoman of the causus then declared “and I strongly stand by that statement.” How about Hollywood who pretended that they were so offended by Trumps treatment of McCain. They hated him as well. They called him a Nazi and many of the names they now call Trump. For much of John McCain’s career, the the leftist triumvirate of Hollywood, the media and academia considered John McCain as a white supremacist, a useful white supremacist, but a white Supremacist nevertheless. Do not be fooled by these charlatans and their crocodile tears.

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