Why Trump’s Supporters Will Not Abandon Him

 President Donald Trump’s supporters did not vote for him because he is a man of virtue. His indescretions are well known, but when it came time to vote for President; the choice was crystal clear. Trump is unabashedly proud of his country. He does not pander to any group by telling people how terrible America is. Though it is fashionabl to gain cool points by bashing America, Trump refuses to do that. He believes in America’s promise, in America’s traditions, and in the things that made the country great. He is a patriot! Trump is not anti police. He is pro law and order. Trump has confronted the issue of illegal immigration with resoluteness. While leftists riot across the country in the attempt to shut down speech, and Democrat politicians  bring lawsuits to force religious people to go against their deeply held beliefs; Trump is a champion of freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. The President is a fierce defender of the second amendment. He promised to select Supreme Court judges who will stay true to their role, and not make laws, but interpret them. He has kept his word on that front. President Trump has shown that he is not beholden to the environmental lobby, and approved the Keyston and Dakota pipeline. He has opened up Anwar for drilling, and America is about to become energy independent for the first time. 

These are just some of the reasons that people continue to support President Trump, but in addition; since becoming President, the economy is performing in ways that we have not seen in decades. Black unemployment is the lowest on record, the same with Hispanice unemployment. The wage gap between blacks and whites has never been lower. Women’s unemployment is the lowest it has been in sixty five years. The American Military under Barrack Obama was cut to its lowest levels in over sixty years, and Military speding  was cut to the point that  America’s foes were upgrading their Military as America’s Military slowed its pace in  technological and war fighting capabalities. Trump almost immediately put a stop to that. He does not hold to the idea that America’s Military is the problem in the world, but that a strong American Military is a check to nations with nefarious ambitions. Trump put pressure on NATO to increase their spending to the levels they had committed to spend, but have not done in decades. He got NATO members’ attention in a way that previous administrations have not been able to do. He armed the Ukraine Government to help resist and stave off the Russian threat. President Obama on the other hand sent the Ukrainians blankets. Trump, working with congress has come up with numerous innovations to help control the cost of health care, and  the list of Trump’s accomplishments go on. That does not mean that we do not have problems as a nation, of course we do. 

There are lots of reasons to not like Donald Trump, but job performance is not one of the reasons. This is why Trump’s supporters refuse to abandon him. The media may need to check their enthusiasm over the lastest Michael Cohen revelations about Stormy Daniels.  This is not news, Trump’s supporters knew this weeks ago when Rudy Giuliani said it in an interview. Despite Cohen pleading guilty to campaign finance violations, this does not implicate Trump because candidates have no limit on the amount they can spend on their own campaign. In addition, a candidate who pays to keep embarrassing information quiet is not automatically guilty of committing a campaign violation. It is called a none disclosure agreement. Trump’s supporters are aware of his human failings. They would prefer if he did not call anyone a dog or describe countries as s*** holes. They  think that it is unnecessary to lie about the inauguration crowd size, or some other insignificant issue, but when it comes to the things that matter, Trump has been strong. They’ll take that.

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