The NFL Clown Show

The NFL has become, and contiues to be a clown show. It is now a place where liberal politics has a home, and a place for social justice warriors to thrive. This clown show regularly features rich, privileged, spoiled black men earning millions of dollars to run up and down a field chasing a ball, telling Americans what an awful country America is. Life is great for the clowns of the NFL. They will readily admit that personally they are not victims, but they want to give voice to the millions and millions of the black people across the land who are victims of the evil system in place, designed for no other purpose, but to make the lives of black men miserable. These clowns consider themselves to be brave for standing up to “the man.” Their politics matter as much as their football skills. When they stick their middle fingers in the faces of their fans they show how selfless they are, because after all, “it is is not just about football.” These clowns are “woke” and they want the world to know that they are woke. They deceptively view themselves in the same light as Tommie Smith and John Carlos who gave the famous Black Panther salute during the 1968 Olympic Games. They are convinced that their grand standing is on par with other great civil rights athletes of the past who truly had cause to protest. As far as these clowns are concerned, their cause is no different than the cause of their predecessors who fought for a fairer America. 

As these clowns take over the entire circus, the ringmasters look on in admiration. Instead of taking control back from the clowns, they encourage the farce. As clowns usually do, the clowns of the NFL rely strictly on emotion to spread their message. With these clowns it is no laughing matter though, because at the end of their act, the only things they evoke are feelings of grievance and anger. They have absolutely no data to back up any of their sensational claims, only anecdotal “evidence,” and other incidents that often contradicts their narrative anyway. These clowns have no interest in the epidemic of violence that exists in the black community.

As a  handful of black men slaughter other black men by the thousands every year in their communities, these clowns remain silent. They only care about the handful of black men who die at the hands of the police in controversial circumstances. The clowns of the NFL are not interested in protesting the many absent fathers in the black community, the high rate of children born out of wedlock, or the high school drop out rate. They continue to point to “the disproportionate numbers of black men in prison” as proof of persecution. In the minds of these NFL clowns it is not possible that black men are jailed in disproportionate numbers because they commit crime in disproportionate numbers. It must be the white man’s fault. It is the white man’s system that’s guilty. To demonstrate how brave they are, and to fight the power they now trample under foot one of the few remaining symbols that Americans use as a demonstration of solidarity to reflect on what is good about the country. Well done NFL clowns!

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