Antifa and White Supremacists

The left can do no wrong. How sweet it must be. Antifa protesters showed up to counter the  handful of white supremacists who showed up over last weekend to hold a rally. As is the custom with these Antifa radicals, it did not take long for them to to decend into what they are experts at doing, which is creating chaos, wreaking havoc and causing destruction. One reporter took the time to interview some of these virtuous rebels who were there to protest hate. When asked what they would do if Donald Trump showed up at the rally, members of the sweet rabble rousing horde were not shy saying how they felt.  One of them said in earnest “I would murder him for the people…I mean, yo; he’s America’s Caesar, except he’s a d***, soooo…we’ve gotta take him down.” One his cohorts standing next to him who wanted to make his feelings known shouted “f*** Trump, f*** Trump.” But that’s not all, another one said “if it came down to it, and it was a group effort, we’d have to do him like Ghadaffi.” Another declared that he’d “beat his a**.” They shouted with gusto “no borders, no wall, no USA at all.” In another demonstration, they displayed their abject hate for the police, chanting in unison with righteous indignation “you better face it! All cops are racist! They attacked the police with different objects. They attacked a member of the NBC news crew, and they shouted “down with America.” 

This was all done in the name of fighting hate and the news media lapped it all up. All across the media landscape, these hooligans were cheered, because after all; they were there to protest white supremacy. No doubt, it is a good thing to protest white supremacy. This ideology has no part in the United States, but once again it is important to state that in a multicultural society like the United States, we are bound to have people who do not hold to the ideals that we hold dear. It is impossible, in a society like ours to not have division, and people who hate for no reason. But it is important to point out that America is a tolerant society that has done enormous work to make this a more just society. Groups like the KKK are few in number, they have no influence, no power, or any kind of sway in this country, but the dishonest fraudelent media is always quite happy to portray the country in a negative light to forward their leftist ideology. They talk about white supremacy as though it is something that the average American is likely to encounter on a daily basis. It is no wonder that Antifa believes that they have carte blanche to cause destruction where ever they go. If America is such a terrible place, their actions are justified. 

The media continues to sing the praises of Antifa, and refuses to call them out despite their history of violence. CNN actually called the Antifa mob “anti hate protesters” as the group ran roughshod through the streets. The media covered the event with bated breath, salivating at the prospect of having the kind of problems from a year ago, that they can then use to portray the Antifa hoodlums as heroes. This time though the police actually did their job, and  kept the two groups apart. One does not have to be a supporter of the white supremaists to defend their right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. Just like last year, the handful of white supremacists who showed up for their rally had permission to hold the rally, and they have the right to receive the protection of the police. Last year the police refused to keep the Antifa lowlifes away from the equally despicable handful of white supremacists, and it resulted in the death of a young woman. The truth is that as awful as the ideology of these white supremacists is, they are not going about wreaking havoc on America’s streets. Antifa on the other hand, uses the tactic of labeling anyone with whom they disagree, as a white supremacist or a Nazi, and they then use these labels to justify violence. In the current political environment, Antifa and the left is unwilling to do combat in the arena of ideas because it is easier to appeal to people’s emotions rather than their sense of reason. So especially when it comes to events like last weekend, Antifa knows that they have the backing of the dishonest media, and will be cast as heroes, as a result; they have no fear commiting their acts of hate and violence, as long as they get to use the excuse of fighting white supremacy.

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