Trump’s Rally and Race Baiting

“What was most remarkable to me, and probably the thing that I will never forget, and I am wrestling with it tonight, it is how homogeneous the crowd was.” These are the words of former Republican Congressman David Jolly lamenting the whiteness of a crowd at a Donald Trump rally. While the former Congressman was a guest on MSNBC recently, he did his best impersonation of a Democratic Party Politician in an epic anti Trump diatribe. He was literally bothered by how most of the people in the Trump crowd were white. Let that sink in to your brain! He further stated “and we can decide wheter or not we want to assign cupability to the President for cultivativating a constituency that tonight is ninety-nine percent caucasian. This was a white working class audience” he said. OOOH, scary! To Donald Trump’s credit, they felt he was speaking for them, not just to them. He was speaking to their anger. That’s the one thing I wrestle with.” This is classic race baiting. You could call it race baiting 101. But he is not done yet, he said “I’ll be honest with you, and I gut check myself. I asked friends and I asked other folks in the media, ‘Look around, how many African Americans, how many black Americans do we see tonight?’ And you could count them on one finger. And some of them were specifically positioned for camera shots.

How do you break down this nonsense? There are so many things that are wrong with this man’s statement that it is possible to write a book on it, but in the interest of brevity, lets just address a few of them. He talks about the whiteness of the crowd as though there is something intrinsically wrong with it. He does not say why that is a problem. Should we automatically dismiss all of these Americans simply because of the color of their skin? Do Americans not fret over the indication of these negative stereo types toward black people? Why then is it ok to do it with another group of people and think that it is ok simply because the group is white? These white people were not in hoods chanting KKK slogans. Black people were not prohibited from attending the rally. The crowd was not hostile toward black people, so what is all of the fuss about. This Trump hater who so desperately wants to project his virtue by showing that he is a white man critical of whites, is part of the major problem that we have with race in this country. Observe that Mr. Jolly does not identify anything specific so terrible that Trump said, or did at the rally. He just throws out the notion that because the crowd is mostly white, something has to be wrong. The people who believe in the principle that everyone, regardless of color, should be judged by the content of his/her character must utterly and unequivocally reject this foolishness. These people have been getting away with this for far too long.

Notice also Mr. Jolly’s condescending attitude toward the black people who were in the crowd. He said that you could count them on one finger then he said “some of them were specifically positioned for camera shots.” So which is it? It is either “you could could count them on one finger” or there was more than one, which then makes it possible to “specifically positioned them for camera shots.” But that’s another matter. Anyway, pay attention to how, in Mr. Jolly’s mind; the only way black people would be in positions where the camera could feature them, is because they were “specifically positioned.” You see, black people who love Trump are simply idiots being used by the evil white man. It is not possible that these black people were there of their own volition, because black people are just tools, puppets who allow themselves to be used by white supremacists. After all, black people…are… black. There is no way that they could love Donald Trump’s message. They are supposed to be Democrats. If they are not, then they must be getting used. Something must be wrong. That is what the left thinks of black people or any minority who dares to walk away from their wretched plantation. Enough of these people, reject them wherever they are, whoever they are. It does not matter that this man calls himself a Republican, conservative or any other name.

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