The Double Standards Continue and the Left Can Do No Wrong

How many people know someone who has been targeted for abuse because the person targeted was wearing a tee shirt supporting Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama? It’s probably happened somewhere maybe. There have not been any reports of this phenomenon happening. Is there any comparison to the way Trump Supporters are routinely attacked? Lets look at the numerous reports we have read of people being attacked, denied service, and or  insulted just for wearing a hat with the letters MAGA on it. A little over a week ago three young GOP interns holding MAGA hats were denied Uber service when the driver of the car noticed that they were Trump supporters. In the mind of the driver these young people are not human beings who should be treated with the basic dignity and respect that we extend to fellow Americans, for no other reason, than that they support Donald Trump.

Back in May another young black man was targeted for abuse by over a dozen workers of a Cheesecake Factory in Miami, because the young man was wearing a MAGA hat. And who can forget that infamous incident when a black homeless woman became the target of abuse on the Hollywood walk of fame for being a black Trump supporter? There are many other similar incidents. One only has to do a quick Google search to find incidents like these against Trump supporters. The race of the people who suffer this abuse should not matter, but it is highlighted only to show the difference in the way that black conservatives are treated.

A few months ago when two black men were asked to leave a Starbucks cafe for not purchasing but using the bathroom facilities, it created an international incident. Starbucks closed their thousands of locations across the nation to offer race sensitivity training to their employees. The incident had absolutely nothing to d with race, but when  it was reported, everyone immediately jumped on the race baiting train in order to drive the narrative. The two young men were delighted to play victim. They masqueraded all over the airwaves, as white liberals cast them as victims of evil white America. They basked in it, soaking it all it as they got their moment in the sun. 

The attacks against black supporters who do not fit the image of who a black person is supposed to be get barely a mention in the main stream media. When these double standards are displayed over and over again, people should ask themselves why, and reexamine their political belief system. Just to drive home the point, here is a couple more incidents. This immigrant from Israel who also employs many immigrants was targeted for abuse. The businessman had no problem with his neighbors and fellow businessmen until his political affiliation became known. The “evil” truth that he is a Trump supporter was revealed and people showed up at his business to protest. Some protesters even threw feces at the man’s business. Think about that! These semite loving liberals were willing to make an “exception,” and direct some good old fashioned anti-semitism the man’s way. He deserved it after all! 

People think that it is hyperbole when some say that the left enabled by the Democratic Party is dangerous, but it is not hyperbole. The left is dangerous! They have a well established legacy of violence and different forms of abuse. Take a look around and observe the things that they support, and it should not be difficult to see how dangerous this movement is. They no longer hide their dangerous ideas. They are bold and openly declare their radical ideas to the world. They openly support causes like illegal immigration. They chant abolish ICE, they engage in identity politics, they encourage their supporters to harass those with whom they disagree. They are the champions of pornography, they deny gender and support abortion even up to the final trimester. These are the people who would bring the force of government against someone who for religious reasons does not want to bake a cake for a gay wedding. They use violence and intimidation to shut down speech because they do not agree with it. In their convention they voted to cast God out of their platform, and were openly hostile to keeping support for the state of Israel as part of their platform. Most importantly, they refuse to accept that they lost an election. Nothing in the int the above list is an opinion. Every thing noted is part of leftist ideology.

In case anyone thinks that highlighting the sins of the left means that the right is clean as the wind driven snow, that is certainly not the insinuation. As has been said before, the sinful nature is part of us all, and no one on the left or right can claim to be without sin. The big difference is that misbehavior and indiscretion on the right is rightly never tolerated. They are raked over the coals when they mess up. The get called out and taken to task in the media. They denounce their own when their own steps out of line, and are held to a very high double standard, which is good, because they are forced to be as circumspect as they can be in their behavior, to avoid charges of being racist, sexist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, homophobic, or any other ridiculous charge that the left often makes. Being on the left on the other hand, in the words of Dennis Prager, means never having to say that you are sorry. Must be nice to be a leftie.

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