Trump and Russia

The Democrat Party is mad at President Donald Trump because he did not walk over to Vladimir Putin’s podium and punch the Russian leader in the face during their recent press conference. Trump was supposed to then grab Putin by the collar, jack him up against the wall, declare in front of the world that America would not tolerate any more Russian meddling, and then in the words of Barrack the great tell him to “knock it off.”  That is all that President Trump needed to do to quiet the Democrats and their accomplices in the media. After the Democrat operative disguised as a journalist posed his gotcha question to the President, President Trump missed the opportunity to show his patriotic bonafides, and prove to the world that he is not indeed a Russian spy. In the words of Nancy Pelosi and a few other Democrats “Putin must have something on Trump” that Putin is using as leverage to get Trump to do Russia’s bidding. That must be it! America is about to be betrayed into the hands of the Russians. Thank God for these guardians of freedom in the Democrat Party, standing tall as usual. These beacons on a hill, are standing up for America as the always do. 

The truth ladies and gentlemen is that this is just more Democrat Party hysteria that we have seen, experienced and grown accustomed to since the election of Donald Trump. A Democrat operative disguised as a journalist asked President if he “would, in front of the whole world now denounce the Russian President’s meddling, and warn him never to do it again.” Are you kidding? Since when does a “journalist” get to tell the President how to conduct diplomacy? Why should President Trump denounce Putin in a press conference and “warn him to never to do it again?” Good for President Trump that he refused to take the bait set before him by the charlatan pretending to be an impartial journalist. Now, to be honest, President Trump could have given a better answer. But keep in mind that this man’s entire tenure as President has been plagued by a fraudulent  assertion, based on absolutely no evidence, that he colluded with a foreign government to undermine the campaign of his opponent in the Presidential campaign.  The whole Russian meddling in the election narrative has been spread in the effort to say that Trump did not win the election fairly. He resents it and he sometimes gets aggressively defensive about it whenever the issue of Russian meddling in the election comes up. Who can blame him? 

In addressing the Russian meddling issue, he sometimes equates it with the collusion charge. So whereas Trump has reason to be suspicious of the way the collusion accusations, and charges have been made and handled, he has in the past said that he accepts the intelligence community’s assertions that the Russians did interfere in the elections process. What he does dispute is that the Russian meddling had anything to do with his victory. The thing however is that even the statement that the Russians “interfered in the elections” is a misnomer, because they did not do that. What they did was interfere in the Presidential election campaign, and that is quite different from interfering in the elections. That sleight of tongue is purposely meant to create the perception that Trump did not legitimately win the elections. Note that in the indictment of Russian intelligence officers last Friday, Rod Rosenstein stressed that no election outcome was affected or determined by the actions of these Russian agents.   Despite the media’s tricks though, President Trump’s supporters will not abandon him simply because did not call out President Putin in an international press conference. Trump’s supporters understand that he is often inarticulate, and sometimes downright clumsy in his speech. He sometimes says things that quite frankly at times make them cringe. They accept this as one of his flaws, and refuse to throw him under the bus for it. More than anything, Trumps supporters love that he is apologetic in his love and defense of the United States. Trump’s supporters do not just look at the things that sometimes leave them scratching their heads. More than anything, they look at his actions, and when it comets to Russia in particular, Trumps actions have been crystal clear.

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