The Sinister Goals of the Democrat Party

It is in the interest of the Democratic Party to have a permanent underclass existing in the United States. This may sound very cynical, but there is no other way to explain the Democratic Party’s fixation of encouraging, and fostering the victim mentality, and their emphasis on identity politics. We see time and time again, the Democratic Party offering no real solutions to real problems that exist. They criticize the efforts of those who do offer solutions, then they agitate the people whose causes they proclaim to represent.  As they whip up the angry mobs, they then show up to present themselves as heroes of the dispossessed, promising goodies to all who would vote for them, and all who put their trust in the Democrat Party. 

Because they lack coherent policies, offer no solutions, fail to present cogent arguments, and depend so much on emotions; the Democrat Party has to keep people in a state of discontent and resentfulness. It is part of their overall strategy to perpetuate hysteria that they then get to claim that only they can fix. It is a very nefarious strategy that they have employed for decades, borne out of the desire to attain or maintain power.  There are examples of this all around, yet people continue to fall for this egregious trickery that the Democrat Party continues to employ in their unquenchable thirst for power. The Democrat Party looks at the problems that people face, not as opportunities to help people out of their misfortune, but as opportunities for the Democrat Party to exploit. Offering a hand up is not what the Democrat Party is interested in doing. They would rather offer a hand out. That way, as people become dependent on these handouts the Democrat Party can then portray itself as the Party that cares. 

As many citizens become more and more dependent on the Democratic Party, the party becomes more and more pleased.  One has to only look at what is currently going on in the current immigration debate to see how the Democratic Party loves this kind of chaos, tumult, and confusion. They have no interest in addressing the serious problems facing the country. Look at the way that they, their media cohorts, and the rest of the leftist propaganda machine are portraying what is happening on the border with the hordes of illegal aliens crossing the southern border. Rather than address the problem of illegal immigration, they prefer to cast the issue as separating children from parents, using emotion, deceitful images, lies and outright dishonesty in the process to frame their narrative.

They have offered no solutions to help solve the problem, and they have refused to cooperate in any way. Even though the current administration has offered many concessions in the effort to address the issue with the so called “dreamers” the Democrats in congress have steadfastly refused to budge on their anti-ICE,  open borders stance.  But this all makes sense when one considers the strategy of Senator Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the gang. Why corporate when they can continue to cast the issue as a case of xenophobia? Why frame the matter as finding a solution to illegal immigration when they can cast it as “anti-immigrant?” Why discuss the issues surrounding the problem when they can make references to racism? Observe that since the election of Trump, and the hysteria of the left and the Democrat Party in reaction to his presidency, the media to this point has not called them out on their behavior. Observe also that we have not heard anything about so called “do nothing Democrats.” 

The Democrat Party’s goal remains clear. It is to stir discontent, ensure that people stay aggrieved, and remain dependent on Government. Remember the infamous words of President Obama’s former Chief of Staff, Rahm Immanuel when he said to “never let a crisis go to waste.” Ultimately the country’s best hope rests in God, and in his divine providence. No matter who is in power, Democrats or Republicans, the citizens will always have to be diligent, and guard against the abuse of power, but right now the  country can certainly do better that the Democrat Party. Kick them to the curb. Walk away!

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