Attacks on, and the Harassment of Trump Supporters Continue

Here is a video of a man throwing a drink in the face of a 16 year old boy because the boy dared to wear a MAGA hat in public. 

Here is a link to Mark Lamont, a prominent black CNN contributor and professor of Temple University, and a link of a TMZ staffer supporting the actions of the man who threw the drink in the young man’s face.

Note that this is not a one off incident, and one literally risks being physically assaulted for being a Trump supporter in the current political climate. So here is the question. During the reign of Barrack the great; how many people were afraid of wearing a hat or T-shirt that showed support for his highness? No supporter of President Obama ever had to fear literally coming under attack because of support for him. Whenever Obama came under fire for any reason; the left, the media, academia, Hollywood and the Democrat Party was sure to tell the world that it is because Obama is black. Today in America, politicians and other prominent people on the left and the Democrat Party (not random trolls that exists on both sides) are actively encouraging, engaging in, and excusing acts of harassment, and violence against the sitting President of the United States and his supporters.

This is Marc Lamont attempting to pull back from his earlier  support of the man who threw the drink in the young man’s face.  He said that he does not “advocate throwing drinks on people,” but “Yes, I think MAGA hats (deliberately) reflect a movement that conjures racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc.”  He went on to say “So yes, it’s a little harder to feel sympathy when someone gets Coca Cola thrown on him.” Got that? In case you missed it, based on on Mr. Lamont’s OPINION, OPINION, OPINION that MAGA hats reflect racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc., he has a difficult time coming to the young man who had a drink throw in his face’s defense. And that is the problem is it not? Those on the left and in the Democrat Party have to cast people as villains, as Nazis, as really terrible people in order for the left and the Democrat Party to justify their behavior agains those they view the way they do. The left cannot actively engage in the arena of ideas, so they engage in physical violence, harassment, character assassination, and other intimidatory tactics. This is not new, the history of these people is littered with violence and other despicable behavior. That is and has always been where they excel. 

These leftists and Democrats are the same people who told the country during the reign of Barrack the great that opposing the great one on any issue was tantamount to racism. Oppose Obamacare…racist, oppose raising taxes…racist, oppose the Iran nuclear deal…racist…, oppose his economic policy…racist, oppose over regulation…racist, call Obama a racist for his constant race baiting…you guessed it…racist! The people on the right felt just as strongly about the policies of Barrack Obama as the people now opposing Trump. Many of them believed that Barrack Obama was the chief cause of the racial divisions in the country, but they did not behave this way. Sure there are racists on the right, because in a country of millions one is sure to find bad people in every movement. The sinful nature exists in all of us. So of course there were people who hated President Obama because he was black, but these people never had a home in the main stream of the movement that opposed the almighty one, and they were few in number. In fact, everyone in the mainstream of the people who opposed Obama always made it a point to denounce and separate themselves from any hint or perceived displays of hate against the great Barrack. The media, in addition, never ever let anyone get away with what was interpreted as hateful criticisms of his highness. Just think back of the reaction to the Congressman who shouted “you lie” when his excellency was giving one of his speeches. The media literally had the Congressman for lunch. The Congressman had to do penance for the rest of the great Barack’s reign. That was the trend during the entire eight year reign of his grace, Barrack the magnificent.

Now it is open season on the Presidency because the current President is a Republican. Nothing is off limits including going after his supporters! People who support the Democrat Party should seriously begin asking themselves why their side constantly has to engage in this type of behavior if indeed their ideas are better. 

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