Some More Thoughts on Candace Owens, Kanye West, and Other Musings

That’s a lot of words, so you can suck racist Di**. Those are the words of Tom Arnold to the black female independent thinker Candace Owens. Observe that nothing in that statement is based on an argument. He simply hopes to insult her into shutting up. Who does she think she is after all? You see, young miss Owens thinks that too many black people are blindly beholden to the Democratic Party, and because of that blind loyalty, they do not even open their minds to consider other ideas. For the crime of thinking for herself, she has become a target of the political left who do not oppose her on intellectual grounds, but just based on the fact that she does not hold to the approved political opinion of what a black female should believe. She is constantly disrespected in the manner that Tom Arnold saw it fit to do. This alone should make black people wonder why it is that people on the left feel that they have license to viciously attack any prominent black person who dares to reject the dogma that black people are supposed to be Democrats. When so many white liberals believe that it is legitimate to personally attack, insult and treat black conservatives with such scorn, it should make antennas go up in the black community, but it does not. Instead, the vitriol directed to people like Candace Owens is tolerated, and if it was not for alternative media like Breitbart News, Fox News, the Drudge Report and the Daily wire, their treatment of these black conservatives would not even garner a mention in the liberal media (is it any wonder liberals hate Fox News so much?). There is a reason that people like Candace Owens are the target of so many white leftists, and black “leaders.” The reason is that she and others like her just might awaken black people to drop their tools and walk off the Democratic plantation. If this happens, the race industry would seriously be threatened and many of them do not have anything on which to fall back. Quite frankly, they are afraid of people like Candice Owens.

Kanye and Dr. Thomas Sowell

Yesterday, Kanye tweeted some sayings from Dr. Thomas Sowell…oh, oh! He is really in trouble now. Thomas Sowell! Are you kidding? Black people are not supposed to pay attention to people like Dr. Sowell. He has been labelled a sell out, an uncle Tom, a self hater and other names, because he has been appealing to the black community for decades to stop blaming the white man for their problems, to look inward, and to start making different decisions that would enable them to bring about change in their lives. Now Kanye West is quoting him on Twitter.?!? God have mercy on his immortal soul! Black people are not supposed to embrace Dr. Thomas Sowell’s way of thinking. Kanye West must really be losing it. Maxine Waters tweeted that he “is speaking out of turn.” “A rough translation of that is that Kanye West needs to know his place, and shut to hell up.” Not sure exactly where this whole Kanye West evolution is heading, but it is definitely interesting to watch. Hopefully it could lead to a mental revolution in the black community.

Crip Alert for Kanye

Check out this video from Snoop Dogg’s cousin. He put out a “Crip alert” to f*** Kanye up.” West committed the unforgivable sin of  challenging black people to rethink their politics. Of  course you would not see this news on MSNBC or CNN being looped over and over, and over again because it does not promote their agenda or their narrative. From viewing this video, hopefully many would understand why it is so important to forsake the left and the Democratic Party. Of course many would say that this gentleman does not represent the left or the Democratic Party, but this type of behavior, too often is tolerated on the left. You do not hear the same outcry for this type of behavior as if it was a conservative or a white person saying something as crazy. The story and the response would be something completely different. This man is calling on a street gang of black thugs, who have wreaked havoc in the lives of so many young black, men and terrorized black neighborhoods to “F*** Kanye a** up,” because Kanye West is challenging black peoples ideas about politics. And for that he deserves to have a Crip alert put out on him, and have a world of violence visited on him. Let that sink in! Check out the video here: 

Race Baiting and Trump

People need to realize that by constantly calling Donald Trump a racist does not make him one. There is a large swath of the country who vehemently disagrees with the opinion that the President of the United States is a racist. There are many unsavory things that one could truthfully and unequivocally say about him, but him being a racist is not one of them. That is an opinion meant to alienate people who support him. He is not a white supremacist. He does not hate black and brown people, neither does he hate women. Nothing in the man’s life points to any of this. The thing is that the race card has been played so often that it has cheapened the real serious issue of racism that still exists. If people become desensitized to racism it would not be because of Donald Trump, but because of the left crying race once too often, just like the story of the boy who cried wolf. So when the crazy left continues to tell black women or any other group that they should not support the President because he is a racist, that argument simply does not fly. They would have to do better than that. They will have to present more solid reasons than the ad hominem attacks that they have been launching since Trump came on the scene as a candidate.

The White House Correspondence Hate Fest

The White House Correspondence dinner proved once again that the media’s job in America is to discredit any Conservative, Republican, religious person, or anyone who holds traditional values. It was another hatefest for the left, another opportunity for them to portray themselves as edgy with their vile jokes and insults. Every year it is the same predictable schtick. This year was particularly awful and everyone is up in arms about the “comedy” routine of the guest speaker, but it is par for the course. People are saying that it is time to end the WHCD, but no way. Let it continue. Let these people continue to tell us who they are, by putting their hateful ideology on full display. By all means, let them continue. Observe that the WHCD guests never “roast” the Democrats. For eight years, none of the organizers of the WHCD ever found a comedian to make fun of President Obama. He was off limits. Despite everything that happened under his regime, it was forbidden to clown the holy one. He had a few things going for him. First of all he is slick. He has the ability to speak poison while making you feel inspired. He is a Democrat. He is a rabid liberal and most of all he is black. On the left, if it is one thing that you do not do, it is hold black people to the same standards. The left peddles in the soft bigotry of low expectations and expect to get a pat on the back because of it.

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