Candice Owens/and the Starbucks Incident

No fan of Kanye West here, but big time kudos to him for giving props to a successful black female that dares to defy the status quo thinking of what or who a black woman should be. West gave props to Candace Owens on Twitter saying, “I love the way that Candace Owens thinks.” In a world where white leftists, and so many prominent black people demean, personally attack and ostracize any black person who dares to leave the Democratic plantation, it is refreshing to see someone like Kanye West give Ms. Owens a shout out. That act alone would probably be enough to drive people to at least learn and find out more about her.  Because her message is such a powerful one, it should be heard by more people. Candace Owens is a young black female who does not play the victim card. She takes the opposite, unpopular position that the police are not the enemy of black America. She dares to call out the Ku Klux Klan of the black community known as Black Lives Matter for being the hateful, racist demagogues that they are. She continues to call on the black community to look within for the answers to many of the problems that plague the black community. Yes, indeed, Candace Owens is a strong, black independent female who does not hate white people, neither does she play or appeal to identity politics the way that the black overseers and white leftist masters of the Democratic plantation expect. Of course the left doing what they love to do is very often unwilling to engage in the arena of ideas, so they respond to her by calling her names. How dare she as a black woman think that it is not the Government’s responsibility to take care of people, and that individuals have to be invested in their own welfare, whether it be health care or education? Black people are not supposed to think that way right? To preach about personal responsibility is racist isn’t it? She must be a self hating black woman because you’ll never hear her talk about white privilege, or engage in class warfare. She is an avid supporter of capitalism, tax cuts and many other traditional values, but perhaps the thing that makes her most hated by the left is that she is a supporter of President Trump. Everyone knows that President Trump has a  particularly strong hatred for black people and women right, so that’s a double whammy against her. She does not buy into any of it, and she is very vocal about it. What is not to love about this woman? She’s young, she’s beautiful, smart, bold, courageous and unapologetically conservative. Good for her, and props to Kanye West for not being afraid to identify with her. That is the kind of move that could ruin a successful career. Good for you Ms. Owens!

     After following the Starbucks story about two black men getting arrested by the police at a Starbucks cafe, and seeing the media melt down and response over it; there is no doubt that the media is invested in portraying black people as helpless unaccountable victims. As victims unable to help themselves, these black victims are always in need of the self righteous white leftist social justice warriors who need to assuage their own guilt ridden conscience by showing that they care for the poor, helpless blacks, and running to their rescue. It got even more ridiculous when the CEO of Starbucks decided to get into the mix, and decided that the way to deal with the misunderstanding is to close their thousands of outlets for a day to attend classes on “unconscious  bias.” Are these people serious? So because a young Starbucks barista approached these two black men and told them that they needed to purchase something if they wanted to use the Starbucks bathroom, that is reason enough for Starbucks to stop everything they are doing for one day, and lecture their almost two hundred thousand employees about race, because surely, they all must be harboring some measure of racist thought about black people and other “people of color.” All these young men had to say was that they were waiting on someone, and the whole incident could have been avoided. Instead, after being told that if they are not going to purchase something they will have to leave the promises, they refused to leave. The young woman called the police, who, when they got there; told the men that they will have to leave the premises. The men refused and the police arrested them. That’s it! Now it is possible that the barista over reacted by calling the police, but to think that this woman would have her character assassinated for enforcing company policy is just incredible. The CEO of the company, instead of standing up for his employee; he threw her under the bus, and accused her of “unconscious bias” because she dared to follow company policy with two black men. Everyone says that people always loiter in Starbucks, so because this happened it shows bias on their part. That is nonsense! People are told all the time that they can’t use the bathroom in Starbucks unless they purchase something. The fact that this incident made the news and triggered an outcry does not mean that these two black men are the only people it has ever happened to. In addition, in a similar circumstance; how many people after being told to purchase something or leave would refuse to do either, or even say if they are waiting on someone? This is alternate universe kinda stuff. As one person pointed out, no one bothered to ask if this woman has a pattern of mistreating black people (in which case she surely would not be working for Starbucks), or if this Starbucks cafe has a reputation for treating black people differently. That does not even matter to the race mongers.  What matters most is that no black man should ever miss the opportunity to play the victim and show how terrible a country America is.

     Just three years ago there was another Starbucks incident in Philadelphia that garnered some attention. It involved a police officer who frequented a particular Starbucks cafe. One day while he was on duty, he went in to Starbucks, and asked to use the bathroom. He was refused because he did not purchase anything. That was in September 2015. Read the facebook post that the officer posted here of the incident: “So I walk into the Starbucks at 12th & Chestnut in full uniform and ask the young blonde liberal behind the counter if I could use their public bathroom for which you need a key code and she states in a loud voice, so all the other customers can hear, that the bathroom is for paying customers only. I then ask in a very polite manner if I could please use it. She then states in the same loud manner and a smirk “Are you a paying customer?”. It was at this point that I realized what she was dong. As I walked out with my hand up, and while she continued loudly to tell me about the bathroom down the street, I was even more astonished that the many customers and other employees said nothing and seemed indifferent. This is the world cops live in anymore. It’s hip for this generation to berate and totally disrespect cops in front of the public and praise cop killers as the heroes of their time. I never post things, but I hope my fellow brothers and sisters in blue see this and know that we have each other… and not to patronize Starbucks.” Starbucks apologized and that was the end of it. No media looping of the story, no lectures about cop hating, just a statement saying “that is certainly not in line with the experience we want any of our customers to have in our stores. We are taking all necessary steps to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future.” Black people require a different standard though. Everyone wants to get that nice tingly feeling they get when they are nice to “the blacks.” It shows they are good people. No, it does not! But the most pathetic part in all of all this was to observe these young black men bask in the attention that they were getting as victims. They put on their best sad face as they gave their tale of woe. They were just willing to play the part, going along for the ride, portraying themselves as helpless pawns in the white man’s world. This stuff has to stop. To the black people who act this way, lift your heads with some pride and stop playing into this image of black people as loser underdogs in America. You do not need to be rescued by guilt ridden white lefties who just want to show you how good and virtuous they are. These people would rather see you as victims for as long as they can continue to portray themselves as your heroes. Black people, take your place as full fledged citizens of this country where anything is possible for you. Be victors, not victims. 

Nothing said here is meant to demean black people or make light of the legitimate issues they face. It is said only in the hope that at least one black person that thinks this way would be awakened to embrace a different paradigm

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