Some Thoughts on Bill Cosby and more Random Thoughts on Kanye West

Shameless Comparisons to Emmit Till

Why do so many black people compare their challenges to the Emmit Till situation? Emmit Till was a young black teenager who was savagely beaten and killed by vicious white thugs during the height of Jim Crowe. Emmit apparently made the error of looking at a white woman the “wrong” way, and saying something to her. And for that, he deserved to die, in the minds of the savages who mercilessly took his life from him. After his body was discovered, his mother famously left his casket open for the world to see what they did to her son. Her brave act awakened the conscience of the nation, and helped to bring the plight of black people in America to the forefront of politics. Black people indeed suffered immensely, and it is because of the courage that so many black people displayed during the civil rights movement that the country was able to make progress and get to where we are today. It is a shameful period of American History, but the beauty of America is that since its founding the nation has continually worked on fixing its flaws. Today despite all of the progress that America has made, people continually hold on to the past, and refuse to acknowledge how blessed we are as Americans to live in such a diverse society that so beautifully weaves all the different threads into such an amazing fabric. Do we have problems, of course we do, but no society is perfect, especially societies that have so much diversity? That is why it is always so disheartening to see so many black people gleefully dancing on the grave of Emmit Till, and desecrating his memory, by constantly comparing their troubles to what he suffered. The latest person to do it is Camille Cosby. It is another clear instance of making excuses and blaming the white man for the problems of the black man. What she is doing is no different than what we have grown accustomed to seeing in many areas of the black community. If it’s the white man’s fault then there is no need for personal responsibility, right? It is the white man who needs to get it right. Black people have to realize that we are no different than any other ethnic group.  We are no better or no worse, because people are people. Race really does not matter. We have the same potential. We have the same opportunities, we can be just as innovative. We can ascend to the same heights, and achieve the same greatness that other groups have accomplished. All it takes is the willingness to do what is necessary for these things to happen. Being a victim is not cool.

More on Bill Cosby 

The Bill Cosby situation is so sad.  Such an icon! Here we have a man loved and admired by so many around the world having such a crest fallen demise. The man’s influence on the culture cannot be overstated. His stand up and other comedy routines was genuinely funny. It was clean and family friendly. He even dabbled in music and had some pretty funny albums. He never felt the need to shock and be provocative in the way that so many modern day entertainers do. Shock value for the purpose of shock value was not his thing. When he did gather attention it was for the right reasons. He was challenging young black men to do better with their lives.The character that he depicted as Cliff Huxtable on the Cosby Show with his very functional family gave us reason to laugh, admire, and even strive for the ideals that they portrayed. Many families lived vicariously through the Huxtable family. The family that he and the cast of characters on his show portrayed was not the stereotypical image that many have of a black family in America. They were educated and successful in their professions and personal lives.

The characters that he portrayed in his movies were truly memorable (who can forget him in Uptown Saturday Night, or his cartoon characters in Fat Albert and the Cosby Kid). The man was a role model extraordinaire (or so we thought). It is so disappointing to see a man so greatly respected, and admired fall so far, but there is also a lesson to be learned. These celebrities are people, human beings with the same frailties, battling the same demons and dealing with the same issues as everybody else. It is often more difficult for them because fame and fortune could give people a deluded image of themselves. They often come to believe their own hype and think that they can get away with anything. Despite all of that, it is still sad to see this happen to Bill Cosby. As, sad as it is to see him fall from grace like this. It is even more sad for the woman who he was found guilty of assaulting, and the dozens of others who have credibly accused him of sexual assault. Who would have thought that this beloved icon had such a dark side that would make him commit such despicable, dastardly, evil acts against these women. He may have gotten away with it for decades, which probably made him feel that he was untouchable, but in the end, what was done in the darkness came to light and justice was served. If anyone feels bad for Bill Cosby it is understandable, but the woman that he is guilty of assaulting and the many others who accused him deserve more empathy.

More Random Thoughts on the Kanye West Saga

Snoop Dog portrayed an image of Kanye West in “whiteface” a coupe of days ago.This is to mock Kanye for saying the things that he said recently. So the question is, are the people who always get so upset about every portrayal about white people doing “blackface” no matter the artistic intent, just as offended by Snoop Dogg’s clear intention to mock Kanye West by portraying him as a white man? Is their any outrage over this apparent racism? Again, this is not to give black people a hard time. It is said in the hope that at least one black person would start questioning all of the nonsense that black people have been fed over such a long period of time.

Goodness, it gets worse. Kanye West does not only proclaim his love for Dr. Trump. He quotes Dr. Thomas Sowell, and now we find out that Kanye also listens to the white “hate monger” Dr. Jordan Peterson. What is next? At this rate Kanye could end up saying “all lives matter,” that the police do not target black men, or such crazy nonsense  While it is absolutely glorious and hilarious to behold this pop icon upsetting the apple cart, it is even more hilarious to see the reaction of the left. Conservatives had better not pin too much hopes on Kanye West though. Don’t get it twisted, it is great to see someone of his stature  standing up to the mob, but he is not the savior who is going to lead many black people off the Democratic plantation. In addition, Mr. West in the past has shown himself to be a little erratic, so, we’ll have to see if this enlightenment he has been experiencing in the last couple of weeks is real or just a phase. He is about to be tested like never before if it is indeed real. He will become a major target of personal destruction for the left and the Democratic Party. What needs to happen is for more black people, not only celebrities, but regular Joes on college campuses, in the community, on workplaces and all over the country to stand up and say that black people are not a monolith who owes the Democratic Party anything.  It is time to end this cultish, slavish allegiance to the Democratic Party. What has the Democrat Party done for black people? What!?! All they do is give black people stuff to get them dependent on the government. They give them just enough to keep them coming back for more, but never enough for them to become independent, and get off the Government teat. The Democratic Party is committed to giving black people hand outs instead of a hand up. The Democrats then label anyone who opposes their agenda as racist. That is it. That has been their modus operandi for almost 60 years. This is how they have attempted to redeem themselves after being on the wrong side of every civil rights movement in the country’s history. It is time to utterly reject these charlatans.

It was good to see Adidas refuse to give in to the mob demanding that they drop Kanye West for his comment about slavery.  And rightly so, too many businesses have refused to stand up to the leftist rabble rousers in the past. Many of these businesses cower in fear at the slightest prickling from the left with their bullying tactics, and their silly demands. Good to see Adidas showing a little courage. It takes  courage indeed to stand up to the leftist agitators. They pretend that they do not know what Kanye West meant when he made his comment about slavery, and they feign outrage while they always remain silent at the outrageous things that they constantly say about anyone or group who differs with them. They have gotten away with this craziness for far too long. It is time to start standing up to them. 

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