The Oscars

There was a time when people watched the Oscars for the fun, the glamor, the gala, the humor, and the sheer spectacle that it was. Today, like everything else that the left touches, it has been thoroughly corrupted. They have completely turned it into a political event that caters to one side of the ideological spectrum, and  have made a conscious decision to alienate about half of their potential viewing audience. They make it clear that they do not even care. Once again these hypocrites take to the screen to lecture everyone else on decency and virtue as they pontificate perched from atop their bully pulpit ensconced firmly in the cesspool that is Hollywood.

They dare to lecture the rest of the country in self righteous tones about the dangers of guns while they themselves are surrounded by hundreds of well-armed security guards who are there to protect them. The message is clear that the rich and famous who can afford to pay for their high profile security with all the weaponry at their disposal, are deserving of protection, while ordinary Americans are not.

The people who just want to watch the show as a respite from the daily saturation of politics and the problems of life can’t do that because that is the only thing that these beautiful, smart people who are so much better than their audience want to talk about. It’s like walking to the supermarket to buy food, and when you get there, the only thing the employees at the supermarket want to do is tell you how awful the country is, how much inequality exists in the world, and how everyone in the world except the white male is getting a raw deal.  In the mean time all you want to do is buy a loaf of bread, but even the cashiers insist on bombarding you with their political views. It just gets really old really fast, and you never want to shop there for food again. This is the state of the Oscars…oh well. The good thing is that no one has to watch it, so just like the NFL they could keep their product. No one has to embrace the middle finger that they insist on sticking in the faces of the people.

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