More Cultural Appropriation Nonesense

“I hate Bruno Mars, everybody knows that I fu***** hate Bruno Mars. I think if Bruno Mars died tomorrow I would bake a fu***** cake, like, I hate this guy. The reason why I fu***** hate Bruno Mars is because Bruno Mars is one hundred percent a cultural appropriator.” These are the eloquently spoken words of a black female on a viral video on youtube that discussed the issue of cultural appropriation. That is correct, cultural appropriation! That is why she hates Bruno Mars. How sad is that? Why is it that in 2018 there is even a discussion about cultural appropriation? Here we have the perfect example once again of the nonsense that black people in America have been fed, and so many of them just eat up. This is mental slavery. This is insecurity being defined as taking a stand. Are the people who believe and promote this nonsense so weak that they are offended because someone from a different a race has taken, perfected and marketed an art form that was started in the black community? To be sure, most black people do not think this way, but too many do. Who can forget that passionate speech a couple of years ago by the young actor and race baiter Jesse Williams when he pushed that most divisive speech talking about how terrible life is for black people in America, and the appropriating of black culture.

When prominent people like that preach that kind of drivel, it is easy to understand how it could take root in the hearts of others who are easily influenced and swayed because they embrace the victim culture. The fact that we are even discussing this foolishness about cultural appropriation is a sign that many black people in America are comfortable residing on the plantation that the left and the Democratic insist that they continue to dwell. In Bruno Mars defense, many people point out that he always gives credit to the many black artists who came before him, made their mark and firmly established so many musical genres that the world enjoys, but that is not the point.

Bruno Mars does not have to reference the blackness of those great artists from whom he gets his inspiration. Paying homage to the greats is a good thing. The idea that there is a need to emphasize their blackness is none sense. The music was great, and that is what matters more than anything. Everything does not have to be a lesson on racial politics. So when Bruno Mars makes his music, and is recognized for it, he does not have to make race a part of the issue. However, in being grateful for the inspiration provided by the pioneers in the industry, and  giving honor to them he will ultimately be honoring the great black musicians who have planted so much on the cultural landscape throughout the decades. He does not have to apologize for singing the genre of music that he chooses to entertain people. Black people do not own any genre of music simply because it began in the black community.

No one denies that a lot of the rich, cultural musical art forms that the world enjoys were  started in the black community, but black people do not have any exclusive claim to these art forms. Black people in this country are Americans, which makes the music that they produce American music. If they are to apply the standard that whatever started in the black community is the exclusive domain of black people, then that standard has to apply across the board to other races. Whatever was started by white people is the exclusive domain of white people. What ever was started in the Asian community is the exclusive domain of  Asians. Every time black people win accolades for basketball they have to pay homage to the white inventor of the game, and the white greats of the sport. Tiger woods needs to acknowledge how much he owes to the white inventors of golf, and the white greats who went before him, and acknowledge that he is just a black man excelling in a white man’s sport. The Wu Tang Clan needs to be held to the same standard for their “appropriation” of Chinese culture.

This nonsense truly needs to stop. Black people who continue to get themselves caught up in these non controversy controversies really need to free themselves of the chains that liberal leftists have placed around their necks. Stop seeing themselves as victims and creating issues where none exist. Once again, black people do not own any art form. It is not “our music.” Be proud of the gift that black people gave to the world, and move on. Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber or any other artist who is not black does not have anything to explain for their love and appreciation of “black music.” Stop it!

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