The left, the Democratic Party and The Florida Shooting

It was absolutely incredible to watch the reactions of people in the news media react to the latest school shooting that happened in Florida recently. In the immediate aftermath of this horror, these people threw all of their scruples in the garbage can and promptly began using the occasion to further their agenda. Their behavior is so shameless that it should warrant a retreat to a journalism ethics camp where they could reflect, and be reminded of their responsibility.

There should not be any doubt that journalism in America is for the most part dead, and this major institution that was supposed to be one of the major guardians of democracy have sold its soul and sacrificed themselves at the altar of leftist ideology and the Democratic Party. What is even more alarming is that they completely lack any self-awareness, and what it would take regain some credibility and perhaps save their beleaguered profession. But  they absolutely do not care, because they have convinced themselves that nothing is wrong.

How did this horror of the shooting go from being something that we should be searching to find real solutions to, to being and anti NRA crusade? The NRA had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting. Nothing! Now everyone is pushing the narrative that it is the NRA’s fault. The NRA is an organization with over five million law abiding members and none of them have ever committed any of these school shootings, neither do they promote violence. They simply defend the right of ordinary citizens to protect themselves the same way that politicians, movie stars, businessmen and all the other privileged in society are able to protect themselves.

The media and the Democratic Party have refused to address the failures that have taken place at so many levels of government that can rightly be blamed for helping to cause this horror. They refuse to address the stupid Obama administration policy that was initiated to address the disparity between whites and “minority students of color” in the so called school to prison pipeline that allowed people like Mr. Cruz, while the was still in school, to get away with acts that under normal circumstances would have gotten him arrested. Because of this misguided policy to “protect students of color,” schools stopped referring disruptive students, and recalcitrant behavior to the police, and in the process this murderous young man was able to get away with his wayward behavior.

All of these massacres have taken place in gun free zones, but no one wants to talk honestly about that. The main emphasis immediately shifted from the maniac who committed this crazy act, and the failure of authorities, to infringing on the rights of citizens and blaming the NRA who had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting. Their anti second amendment agenda is now the main focus, and stirring the masses against the NRA. As the  media continues to push for more gun control, they refuse to tell us exactly how banning the AR fifteen would reduce school shootings, and what law in general would stop a crazed gunman from committing another school shooting like this.

One wonders if at the first news of this shooting, these people collectively shouted a big “YES” in their newsrooms and political headquarters, while pumping their fists in celebration at the thought that this just might be the school shooting that they could use to get the most movement on gun control. They must have been high fiving each other, giving each other pep talks, and passing out candy as they prepped themselves to guide the narrative, working in concert with their Democratic political allies in the face of this awful and absolutely horrible, despicable act. Lets rile up people seems to be their motto. Rahm Emmanuel must be proud! Who can forget his immortal words to “never let a crisis go to waste.”

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