Lebron James vs Fox News

After a couple of years spewing a bunch of hate at Donald Trump, somebody finally told Lebron James to shut up and dribble after he and Kevin Durant went off on another tangent attacking Trump the other night. Now as a private citizen Lebron James and Durant has a right to criticize the President if he disagrees with his policies, but in none of his rants against President Trump has he ever articulated the specific policies that he disagrees with, and why he disagrees. His rants have been nothing but a series incoherent drivel completely void of any substance, but chock full of emotional outbursts. In typical lefty Democratic fashion, he throws  out insults, engages in name calling, and personally attacks those with whom he disagrees. He has called the President a bum, and directed other insults at him over time. Recently, after going into the Presidents head, reading his mind, and seeing what is in his heart, he declared with his trademark eloquence; the President “does not give a f*** about the people.” So after constantly spewing insults at the President, conservative commentator and Fox News host Laura Ingram called him out on his hateful diatribes and ignorant fulminations. She also made fun of his terrible grammar and implied that he is just a dumb jock talking about stuff he does not know anything about or understands. All hell broke loose after that, and white liberals who see themselves as the defenders of any black person who agrees with their ideology came out in defense of the “King” and Durant. The two hundred million dollar men of privilege living the life of their dreams immediately jumped on the race horse, and now the discussion has shifted to race. You see, for Lebron James and Kevin Durant; it is ok to spout insults and personal attacks against the President all day long, but any response to their vitriol and hatred must be racist. There you go!

The Mockers of Prayer

The mockers of prayer are out in full force again. They jump at every opportunity to stick their middle fingers in the faces of average Americans. They relish heaping their scorn on those who look to God in the difficult times. They declare with dripping sarcasm that the prayers people offer to help cope when things are tough are useless. Thoughts and prayers are not enough they proclaim! No one ever said that it is enough. It is simply one of the powerful mechanisms that helps people cope when the burdens of life seem to weigh them down and the answers to life’s difficult questions are hard to find. The mockers of prayer see themselves as edgy. They are “telling it like it is.” They are “keeping it real.” They believe that they are the smart ones with all the answers to solve all of life’s problems, and anyone who calls out to God in earnest in the time of trouble is just a fool. Pay no attention to the scornful though, and pray even harder when the answers are evasive. Call out to God even louder when the way is hard to find. Pay no attention to the left and the Democratic Party as they try to tear down another pillar of our society when they insist on mocking prayer, and say that “thoughts and prayers are not enough.” No one ever said it was.


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