President Trump and the S… hole Comment (plus more commentary)

Today Jeb Bush said that President Trump’s S…hole comment was racist. Wow, I bet no one saw that coming. Another establishment politician attacking the President as a racist. That’s a new tactic! Took everyone by surprise. First of all, we can all agree that name calling is not cool, and the President of the United States should not talk this way about other countries. There are ways to make a point about the dire straits of many countries without insulting them. Having said that, strictly for the purpose of adding perspective, let us look at what was said, with a bit of nuance. To do that, let us revisit what god said about Libya when he was the President of the United States. God was the first black President of the United States. He was loved, adored and worshipped by the masses, equally by the proletariat and by the elite. Was it racism when god described Libya as a s… show. Remember, Libya is a North African country that god described this way, but that’s not all. In addition to calling Libya a s… show, god expressed his disappointment that the Middle East was not more like Scandinavia. For those who do not know, Scandinavia consists of the Lilly white countries of Norway, Finland and Sweden. In talking about peace in the Middle East this is what god said “if only everyone could be like Scandinavians, this would all be easy.” When god made this statement, was he promoting his white side, and pushing the superiority of the white race (his mother was white after all), or was there some context to the statement?

One of the people who was in the room when the President allegedly made his S… hole comment is Senator Lindsay Graham. He said this in 2013. “The people coming across the southern border live in hellholes. They don’t like that. They want to come here. Our problem is we can’t have everybody in the world who lives in a hellhole come to America.” Were those comments by Senator Graham racist? First of all, he is a Republican which under the status quo makes him a racist, but he is a Republican who supports amnesty for illegal aliens so that automatically makes a difference…let’s get back on track. The point is that no one was proclaiming the end of the world as we know it because they felt the Senator’s statement was racist. Anderson Cooper was not on CNN giving an Oscar worthy performance talking about the bravery of the people from hellhole countries as he fought to hold back tears over the Senator’s statement calling some countries hell holes.

Apart from the indignant protestations of the righteous crowd over Trump’s denigrating comments, they were apoplectic because the President used the phrase s… hole.  Of course, it would have been splendid, it would have been absolutely fabulous if he did not use the word, but can we all agree that Americans cuss? Even god was reputed to have a foul mouth. Some time ago a reporter talked about a time when god waylaid the press on a couple of occasions with what she described as a profanity laced tirade. The response to that was a big ho hum, but here we are two weeks after the whole alleged s… hole comment, and people are still losing their hair over it. No one is even saying that because Obama did it, it’s ok for Trump to do it. The point is to show the blatant double standard in the reaction to similar incidents by these two Presidents.

Many people think that supporters of Donald Trump support his uncouth manners and his sometimes undeniably childish behavior. Hs supporters are not blind. They see that he can be crude. They see that he is often rude and that sometimes he even acts like a jerk. No one is claiming that Donald Trump is a paragon of virtue or that he has the most sterling character. People support Donald Trump because he is on the right side of the issues. It is as clear as crystal that the current President of the United States is a flawed man, but history is filled with flawed men who rose to the occasion and responded heroically when they were needed to do it. Trump’s supporters do not believe that his character flaws disqualify him from doing the job of the President. Some of this biggest supporters do wish that he gave off a kinder, gentler, warmer vibe, and that he was a more virtuous character, but they understand that the job of President sometimes requires more than that. Above all, Trump’s supporters do not believe the narrative or accept the voices that call him a racist, misogynist, sexist, islamophobic, xenophobic bigot or any of the vile names that his opponents call him daily. Once again, they believe that he is right on the issues that will take the country forward. It is not any more complicated than that, but in addition to all of that; two words scare them more than anything. Hillary Clinton! For all of Trump’s faults, they would rather have him than Hillary Clinton, a woman who is as corrupt as they come, and who, policy wise is on the wrong side of all of the major issues. So while many of Trumps supporters sometimes cringe when he sends out a silly tweet that gives more fuel to his haters, they see him as a champion of the American way of life.


Illegal immigrants went to the home of Chuck Schumer to protest the other day after he backed down on the Government shut down. They made it clear that they were not pleased that he choose American citizens over them in his fight with President Trump. If there was ever a group of people who represent what the Democratic Party stands for it is the DREAMERs who demand amnesty. They demonstrate the entitlement mentality that Democrats encourage of their supporters. Here is a group of people in the country as uninvited guests who hope to be granted permission to stay here, and instead of showing some humility and trying to win people over, they instead make demands of Americans. Now, many of the people in the country illegally deserve our empathy. A large number of them had no choice coming here. Many others, simply looking for a better life entered illegally and took advantage of the fact that the American Government was not enforcing their immigration laws, and they remained here. Who can blame them? America has long been a welcoming place to people from all over the world, but the country has a right to demand that illegal immigration come to an end.  

The DREAMERs have learned well from the Democrat Party. They act like Americans owe them citizenship and all of the benefits that come with it. They call the people who want to see sensible immigration change that benefits Americans, white supremacists and other names. Today, they rejected President Trump’s latest concession calling it “a white supremacist ransom note.” They declared “they have taken immigrant youth hostage, pitting us against our own parents, black immigrants and our communities in exchange for our dignity.” Instead of trying to win the American people over with a charm offensive, these people are acting like spoiled brats. The people who have followed all of the rules to come to America are expected to take a back seat to these people who should be in the very back of the line. Yes indeed, they have learned well from the Democrat Party.

Make no mistake the Democrat Party has no interest in these people as human beings. The Democrats see them as a reliable future voting bloc. They have already inculcated the DREAMERS in the victim mentality. They are grooming them to be good Democrats, and preparing them to be a part of the permanent underclass who become dependent on the Government for everything, securing their votes in the process.

For the first time in decades America has a chance to fix its immigration system. President Trump won the election primarily based on this issue, and many Americans are counting on him and the Republican Party to get it right. They must not allow the spoiled brats making demands on the streets to fluster them, and end up making a terrible decision. Compassion must be a part of the solution, but the truth is that the United States owe these people nothing. The DREAMERs would do well to understand that and act like good guests.

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