SOTU and Your Modern Democratic Party

Joy Reid told us exactly what she found so offensive about Donald’s speech last night. This is what she said “Church, family, police, military, the national anthem. Trump trying to call on all of those tropes of 1950s-era nationalism. The goal of this speech appears to be to force the normalization of Trump on the terms of the bygone era his supporters are nostalgic for.” Got that folks? Look again at the things that Joy Reid finds offensive, ok. She also said that only people who listen to Fox News know who MS 13 is, and that might be a part of the problem, isn’t it? A notorious criminal gang made up of a large number of illegal immigrants could only be found on Fox News, no other news organization in the traditional media sees it as a news worthy story.

Representative Louis Guitierrez walked out at chants of “USA, USA.” It was just too much for him to stomach. As he headed for his safe space several Democrats patted him on the shoulder as if too say we understand buddy, we are with you.
Honoring the Korean young man who escaped Kim Jung Un’s North Korea did not even move them a bit.

They did not have to try and outdo the Republicans with their applause because the parties are fundamentally different, but man; could they could not even muster the courage to politely clap for the news that black unemployment is at the lowest level it has ever been. Apple bringing ashore 350 billion dollars to reinvest in America, and in the process creating 20 thousand jobs is no big deal to them. Let’s just remain stone faced and angry said the Democrats. An uptick in manufacturing jobs and unemployment hitting a 45 year low is just a “meh, no big deal.”

Now it’s important to remember that they are not disputing any of these numbers. They are not saying it’s not true. Some of them have said that the growth that we are witnessing in the economy right now is the direct result of Obama policies. Fine, even if that is true; why not get up and applaud and then sell it as Obama’s successes afterward? Confronting the very real threat the vicious MS-13 gang poses to our most vulnerable neighborhoods could not even warrant a positive response from the dour Democrats. Not even fighting the opioid epidemic, really? WOW! The many references to patriotism and flag was offensive to them! Love of country offends them

This is the Democrat Party. No one is making this stuff up, it was on display for all to see, and this ladies and gentlemen is your modern Democratic Party. Rest assured there is nothing, nothing; for those who missed it, nothing that Donald Trump could have said that would have moved the Democrats to give an ounce of support to him. They cannot make Trump look good in any way, for any reason. The guy is just a buffoon after all!

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