The Shumer Shut Down

There are times when politicians have to make unpopular decisions. It is not easy to do. Going against the grain is never easy and requires a strong sense of right and wrong. It also requires a strong commitment to doing the right thing. In refusing to take the path of the least resistance, a politician can put his/her own political career in danger, but be willing nevertheless to be a beacon of light, and do the right thing, rather that just the expedient thing. The decision by Democrat Minority Senate leader Chuck Shumer to shut down the government is not one of those decisions! The reason for saying this is because there is nothing in the bill that the house passed to try and avoid the shut down that the Democrats oppose. It is really important for people to understand this. The Democrats are not opposed to the bill itself. Their decision to vote against the bill, and shut down the government is based on something totally unrelated to any spending measure in the bill. They have decided that granting amnesty to people living in the country illegally is more important than funding the government. This is not hyperbole. This is literally the reason that they have voted against the continuing resolution. Let that sink in to your brains. The reason that they voted against funding the government for the next four weeks is not because they oppose the spending bill, but because they want illegal aliens to be granted amnesty before they support the bill that they do not in itself oppose. Today’s Democrat Party ladies and gentlemen!

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