Trump, the Doctor, the Media and the Left

Ladies and gentlemen, this is serious stuff. We have long passed the point of regular political gamesmanship, playing to the gallery and the usual bickering that takes place between political opponents in this country. We have moved into truly dangerous territory because of the hysteria over the election of Donald Trump. What we are witnessing all over the country in response to a President that many people do not like is insidious.

When god was the president for eight years people were forbidden from criticizing him, and every single criticism of him was considered as a racist sin. People were not even allowed to make jokes about him. The same people who pretended to know what was in people’s hearts whenever they blasphemed against the holy one, are the same people who are fine with the most blatantly nasty attacks against the current President of the United States. No mind reading is necessary to figure out what the people who hate Trump think because the attacks are not cloaked. They require no interpretion. They are open and bold.

In the last few days we have seen the hysteria over Trump sink to another low in the reaction to the doctor who examined him, and declared that he is in good health. The media immediately set out to attack this man’s integrity and drag him through the mud. They questioned his credibility in declaring Trump to be in excellent health and in control of his mental faculties. The very same doctor who served as the physician for god, and George W. Bush over a period of sixteen years suddenly lost his credibility and is now a target, simply because he did not proclaim that President Trump is an unhealthy lunatic. This is absolutely unbelievable that the media, and so many other prominent people would go after a man’s reputation in such a manner because of their hatred for the man who is now the President of the United States.

After the doctor declared that the President is in generally good health and mentally sharp, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta declared that the President has heart disease. Joe Scarborough declared that the doctor is shameful. He said that he sounded like a sycophant, and used the words of a political hack. The rest of the media and the left just went into conniptions over the news that the President is in excellent health. Folks, even if you are not Trump supporters, are you really cool with this behavior simply because you do not like the man in the white house? These people are consciously casting aspersions on the doctor’s character because he declared that the President is in excellent health. His bigger offense however might be his audacity in bringing God (not the other god) into the equation. He declared that God made the President with good genes. The crazies over at the view did not believe his diagnosis, and as they are prone to do, they wandered into conspiracy territory because they just cannot believe that the President is not mentally ill, or does not have Alzheimer’s disease.

Have these people in the media no shame? Alzheimer’s disease is a serious illness that wrecks the lives of so many families as they watch their loved ones deteriorate in front of their eyes. The feeling of helplessness that goes along with seeing loved ones reduced to a state where they do not even recognize those closest to them must be heart wrenching beyond belief, yet here we are. In America where it is ok to say anything about conservatives, especially a white male conservative, people are shamelessly playing politics, using this wretched disease to score political points.

Once again, this is the same physician who examined god for eight years. This is the same doctor who examined George W. Bush for eight years. Now people are actively trying to destroy his credibility because he dared to contradict the narrative that the media, the arm chair physicians, and the other “experts” have been trying to get to stick.  It got so ridiculous that even former members of god’s administration (to their credit) had to come to the doctor’s defense. We have lost our minds, and sense of decency when this type of behavior has become acceptable to so many in our society. This is truly sick stuff.

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