Hillary Clinton and Vanity Fair (and Other Thoughts)

Hillary Clinton and Vanity Fair

It was absolutely hilarious to see the worshippers, and defenders of Hillary Clinton become unhinged in response to an innocuous video over a week ago mocking her, and asking her to go away. The faithful came out in full force and declared that the video was…wait for it…sexist. Bet you didn’t see that coming. The response was reminiscent of the way that people behaved when god was the President of the United States. Every criticism of god was considered as blasphemy, or even worse…gasp, racist. Nothing has changed since god has been out of office. The only difference is that the arch angel who was appointed to succeed him and assume the office of the President didn’t happen, but many still see her as the chosen one, and any criticism of her, instead of being racist is now sexist.

The people at Vanity fair did not get the memo though, but they learned that their sins would not go unpunished for criticizing Mrs. Clinton. After their playful, harmless video (with millennials no less) went public, Vanity Fair felt the wrath of Mrs. Clinton’s guardians. Vanity Fair apologized before you could say the word misogyny. Someone had better tell them that if they are looking to safely mock any woman they’d better get the Los Angeles Times to make fun of Sarah Huckabee-Sanders weight, or maybe they could get famous guests on MSNBC or other leftist media outlets to call women in the Trump Administration  weak or brainwashed. Better yet, they can get liberal comedians like Bill Maher to call Sarah Palin, or Michelle Bachman a c**t or a t**t. That is definitely more acceptable behavior. If Vanity Fair really wants to play it safe, they need to step up their game and ridicule minority women like Condoleezza Rice, Mia Long and Michelle Malkin. Not only will they not offend any of the champions of women’s rights. They might even gain applause for “telling it like it is.” If Vanity fair wants to know what is good for them they’d better learn quickly that when it comes to criticizing any woman, Hillary Clinton is off limits. There is never a reason to criticize her, nor to question her integrity. Her superior intellect is unquestionable. She is not now, neither will she ever be deserving of the deep scrutiny that is only reserved for the people who do not hold to the leftist agenda.

Trump and North Korea

Attempts to appease North Korea have been ongoing for decades with nothing to show for these efforts. Our attempts at diplomacy with the North Koreans to resolve long standing tensions with them have yielded absolutely no fruit, and in fact; North Korea has been emboldened by the consistent efforts of world nations to appease them. Over the last twenty four years the effort to win over North Korea intensified, and in the mid nineties, it looked like we actually had a breakthrough. The concept of the sunshine approach was initiated, and a lot of concessions were made to the North in the attempt to normalize relationships between them and South Korea. The hope was that they would take off their cloak of hostility in response to the warmth of the new approach that was meant to coax them back in to joining, and normalizing relations with the community of nations.

Apart from a few very minor concessions over the years, the North gave nothing in return for the good fate measures that the United States and South Korea expressed toward them. Needless to say, appeasement as a strategy did not work. Over the course of three two term Presidents in the last twenty four years the North has grown more belligerent, and has continued on their march to attain nuclear weapons. They have used the billions of dollars that they received from the United states, to advance their weapons program while the people of their nation suffer under their brutal hand. During this time, not only have they continued to develop their mssile and nuclear program, but they have fired missiles over the air space of Japan, fired missiles into Japanese waters and attacked a populated South Korean island, unprovoked in 2010. They claimed that South Korea was planning an invasion of Pyongyang. In the attack on the South Korean island they killed two Marines and injured  nineteen people. Since then they have continued in their provocations, becoming bolder with each passing year.

President Trump since assuming the Presidency has figuratively blown up the old approach to dealing with North Korea and has outwardly taken a very aggressive approach to dealing with Kim Jung Un, and people are worried. People should be worried about any conflict with North Korea because the ramifications of a reignited war with them would be devastating. Such a conflict is likely to produce civilian deaths and casualties on a scale that we have not seen in a very long time. While the US is likely to come out victorious in any such conflict, we know that they will do everything in their power to minimize civilian causalities. North Korea has no such reservations! They will not hesitate to indiscriminately unleash a torrent of missiles on the people of South Korea, taking tens, perhaps even hundreds of thousands civilian lives in the process. In the process many American Troops stationed in Seoul South Korea will likely die before even getting a chance to respond. If this occurs the United States, and South Korea will have no choice, but to answer with equal force. In such a scenario, large scale civilian deaths and casualties in the North will be unavoidable even with the United States  policy of trying to minimize civilian deaths and casualities.

The situation is indeed serious, but the people who claim that the President is about to start a nuclear war should calm down. The President is taking a “coordinated chaotic” approach to dealing with North Korea. While diplomatic solutions are no doubt being approached in the background and is the preferred method, the President seems to be taking the “bad cop” approach, adding an element of unpredictability meant to keep the North Koreans guessing, and uncertain. The United States is not going to renew the war with south Korea on a whim or out of machismo. For those worried that Trump’s rhetoric will cause the North to react preemptively, they should keep in mind that even if Kim is tempted to test the United States; the people surrounding him may not be willing to go that far because Trump to them is indeed a wildcard on whom they are likely not willing to take a chance. They understand what the consequences of renewing the war with the United States would be. So when Trump, in response to Kim says he also has a nuclear button that works, no one should read into that more than it is. It is an unconventional President responding in an unconventional way to a dictatorial maniac who is not accustomed to being confronted in this manner. Trump’s response is meant to disorient the North Koreans, not the American people.  People could make a sound argument that the President should not be so flippant or cavalier on such a serious matter, but this is nothing but braggadocio. He is mockingly confronting the Korean dictator on the dictator’s level. He is not threatening Armageddon. People should stop with the drama. The pretense of outrage and fear that the end of the world is imminent because of this stupid statement by the President is ridiculous. Just stop it!

Years of diplomatic outreach, and concessions by South Korea and the United states has yielded no meaningful reciprocal actions from the North Koreans. Maybe dealing with someone who portrays the image that President is painting may cause the North Koreans to show some restraint. While we would prefer to see our President behave in a more dignified manner, and respond more appropriately to this situation, people seriously need to chillax.  Is it possible that the whole thing could unravel, sure, but what are the chances? People need to keep in mind who the villain in this is. Again, everyone needs to just chill. World war three is not about to begin.  The people who are insisting that President Trump is mentally ill because of this are just pretending. It is just another symptom of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome),  and the effort to derail his Presidency.

An Appeal to Black Voters

Black people in America who oppose President Trump have the right to do it, but they should avoid buying in to the narrative that we hear about every Republican President who sits in the white house. If black people disagree with Trump on the issues that is one thing, but if they are simply buying in to the ad hominem attacks that he is a white supremacist, that he hates women and wants to kill babies, they should really reconsider where they cast their political allegiance. This man has been in the public eye for decades, and as soon as he announced that he is running for President as a Republican candidate, he immediately became Hitler. People on the left pretend to know what is in his heart and mind, and refuse to judge him on the way he has treated people throughout his life. They’d rather go on personal interpretations of statements that he made rather than on his deeds, and it is quite fascinating to watch. His statement about why the country needs to control its borders is often given as an example of his hatred for “immigrants,” when people know full well, based on a compilation of his statements on the issue that his concern is with illegal immigration in general, and the criminal element in particular who are a part of that population.

While people jump on the President’s every word to dissect and decipher it to find bigotry, they willingly look past the blatant intolerance of politicians in the Democrat Party, making excuses for them as they go along. How else does one explain the tolerance shown to groups like ANTIFA? These people leave a trail of chaos, destruction, and sometimes blood everywhere they go, but they are never given the kind of coverage that one would think a group like this should get. How does one explain that to date, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Barrack Obama, Eric Holder and other prominent members of the Democrat Party have not come out and condemned this hostile, fascistic, violent group, bent on using intimidation as a tool to shut down those with whom they disagree? The media is yet to come out and portray them in the same light that they did the Tea Party, and to date they have not asked one Democrat politician to denounce Antfa’s actions. Is there no one who thinks that this is strange? The media remains fixated on white supremacist groups that cannot ever muster a crowd that is bigger than the counter crowd of protesters that will surely greet them wherever they go to spread their message of hate. Despite all of the hysteria over extremists on the right, political violence continues to be a tool and staple of the left. It has always been that way. It is not even a close competition. The history of political violence is on the left.

Liberals openly call black people like Stacy Dash, Deneen Borelli, Condeleezza Rice, Mia Long, Ben Carson, Herman Cain and others the most vicious names, and say the most hateful things about them simply because as black people, these black conservatives go against the grain politically.  But the left continues to portray themselves as the champions of black people. A few months ago a Democratic city commissioner was caught on tape using racial slurs, deriding two black county assistant Attorneys, and calling Hispanics taco eaters. He never received the kind of coverage and backlash that seems only reserved for Republicans who are ever caught using the same kind of intolerant language. These are not one off incidents. It is a pattern on the left and the Democrat Party, but they get away with it over and over and over again.

In cities all across America ruled for decades by Democratic politicians, black people and other minority groups continue to live in poverty, drug infested neighborhoods, and crime ridden streets in a vicious cycle that seems incapable of being broken, yet these citizens continue to vote for the Democrat Party. Many black people are not even willing to try another way. Many of the people in these cities have become so dependent on the government that they think it is the only way they can survive. In the process anyone who dares to suggest that there is another, and a better way for them to get ahead are immediately labeled as racist. Many Democrat politicians are happy to keep black people in this situation because it secures the black vote. In all of this, these politicians cast themselves as compassionate, and while they say it often; their actions do not yield the results of someone who cares. In fact quite the opposite is true! That right there is the biggest irony. While the results of Democratic Party politicians are all around for people to see in places like Baltimore, Detroit, Ferguson, Washington DC, Los Angeles and other cities all around the country, these politicians get a pass because they have a capital D in front of their name.

Once again, if you are a black person who disagrees with Trump on policy, vote against him. If you believe that high taxes are a good thing, that the rich deserves to have the fruit of their labor taken from them because the government can put it to better use, the choice is clear. If you believe illegal immigration should not be addressed, and that Islamic terrorism is not a problem vote for the Democrat party. If you believe that the Government should force people to bake cakes for gay weddings against their religious convictions, or that the Government should force religious organizations to provide abortifacient drugs to people despite the religious convictions of these organizations, then you know where your vote should go. If you believe that abortion on demand is wonderful, and that a baby could be aborted up until the day before the due date, vote Democrat. If you believe that the second amendment has no place in present day America, and if you believe that the job of a supreme court judge is not to interpret, but make law, then go ahead and vote your conscience. If you believe that school vouchers that have helped so many black people where they have been implemented is wasteful, go ahead and vote for your favorite Democrat. But if you are simply voting for the Democrats because you buy into their race baiting, class warfare and other divisive political tactics and narrative, please reconsider your vote. No one man or party is the savior but we can certainly do better than the morally bankrupt Democrat Party.


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