The Demeanng of Black Conservatives Continues

The Demeanng of Black Conservatives
So here we go again with the leftist name calling of black people who do not hold to leftist ideology. Just like with conservative women, the left is allowed to say anything about black people and get away with it, because you see, black conservatives do not know their place. These black people are just a little too uppity for the left who knows what is best for black people and how they should think. So it was not a surprise to see a columnist from the Huffington Post call Senator Tim Scott a “black prop” for Donald Trump when the Senator was seen cheering the signing of the tax cut reform bill in front a group of Senators who were there to also witness and cheer on the signing.

Read the words of the Huffington post writer: “What a shocker… there’s ONE black person there and sure enough, they have him standing right next to the mic like a manipulated prop. Way to go @SenatorTimScott.” For those of you who do not read lefty language, here is the translation: “Look at this black idiot, he doesn’t even realize he is being used by these racist white men. I’m not surprised! These black fools who call themselves conservatives do not know what’s good for themselves. They are incapable of having an independent thought outside of the ideology that we have determined is best for them. Senator Scott, you idiot.” You need look no further to know what these people who constantly accuse everyone else of being racist think of many black people who do not fall in line with their idea of what black people should be or think. Of course, being a leftist white male of privilege, demeaning a man because of the color of his skin is quite alright.

By assuming that the only reason Senator Scott was at the front of the group of Senators and Congressmen was to be a prop, the commentator is saying this black man did not do anything to be at the front of the group. In his mind there is no way that this black conservative did anything to merit that prominent position. He was just a prop. Only in the la la land of leftist lunatics is this kind of behavior permissible. Like so many lefties, after being called out; he stood strong. After Senator Scott called him out he was fierce in his reply, letting Senator Scott know that the Senator was part of a sinister move that targeted minorities. This was probably meant to shame the Senator in to feeling guilty about “betraying” black people and other minorities.

Naturally in the age of social media, even though the likes of Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper and “leaders” of the black community like Al Sharpton are bound to remain silent; he still did not get away with it. After people called him out he apologized, and now all will be forgiven in the privileged world of the leftist white male. These are just the missteps of a zealous social justice warrior who deeply cares about black people. We all know that people on the left not racist right?

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